On the sensibilities of Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 RTW-Runway

One of the abiding qualities of Carolina Herrera is her standard for exceptional designs. Today, she did not disappoint. The new collection presented by Ms. Herrera at the New York Fashion Week raised the tone for what fashion designing is and should be always. The construction of the garments and her attention to detail was impeccable.

Though she continued last season’s love for bold floral prints, there were so many dynamic looks on display. “It’s an uncomplicated collection,” said Mrs. Herrera, “very simple lines with important details. It’s very much for now.” The collection was so true to her words. My absolute favorite was the graphic geometric roses on a long silk dress.
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+2 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+3

Honestly, I couldn’t get enough of her floral pieces as they were simply breathtaking to look at. Here was a spectacular fashion show through and through, almost like a visual poetry that would make any stylish woman speechless. Her passion for elegant fashion was on display with each piece she presented as they were all graceful with exquisite detailing and oh so visually stunning.
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+7 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+6

Then there was the economy of design with her fresh approach to Spring using lightweight techno-fabric for example in a white jacket and skirt set designed with softly rounded shoulders or the long yellow strapless dress with extra fold detailing that had everyone holding their breath.

Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+4 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+5But that wasn’t all. There were more elegant and feminine looks with with extra fold detailing that was flawlessly executed that also had many of the attendees stating that this is the most beautiful show thus far this week and I couldn’t agree more. This collection was filled with effortless allure with lots of crop tops paired with high waisted skirts that made for a perfectly sophisticated statement.
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+8 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+12

My other favorites were the backless cropped shirt (as seen above and below) paired with a sweeping A-line maxi skirt, a phenomenal style that I know the likes of Michele Obama would love. This by far is the best collection I have seen so far, one that many designers need to study, if not for anything, but to learn the importance of creating sensible garments that are eye catching and absolutely unforgettable. See more of my favorite images from the Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 RTW below and at Vogue.com.
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+10 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+11
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+14 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+13
Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+17 Carolina+Herrera+Spring+2015+16

Source: Vogue.com

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