Why Prabal Gurung Continues To Fail

With the New York Fashion Week in Full Swing, the sentiments and high praises for all the collection are on full display with very little discussion on the fashion seen on the runway. In previous posts, I have tried to summarize as succint as possible why some designers are either great or truly terrible at this thing called fashion design. Let me continue now by summarizing why the new collection by Prabal Gurung is lackluster. It is difficult to think that Prabal Gurung has still not found his way and unfortunately it did not begin with this new collection. First, he seems to belongs to the school that doesn’t think it is necessary to provide something thoughtful or eye catching on the runway. Case in point, his preference for embellishments, especially those annoying trailing scarves, and the piles of feather, or the black leather diagonals were just too much. I cringed when I saw the pictures below as they seemed so displaced with all the piles of feathers or the black leather slashed like a diagonal in a patterns that made me wonder out loud to myself, “what was he thinking.” As if that was not bad enough, he decided to pair a mesh sweater with components that were so confusing to look at, with pants that made you question his design ethics. Honestly, some of the pieces he displayed do not spark appreciation or desire, instead they made me wonder why Prabal Gurung continues to fail and if he will ever know when to draw the line between fashion and theatricals. See some of the pieces from his collection i truly abhor below.

prabal-gurung-continues-to-fail prabal-gurung-continues-to-fail-2 prabal-gurung-continues-to-fail-3 prabal-gurung-continues-to-fail-4

Source: Style.com

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