Crafty Clutches or Objects of Disdain

They are the crafty clutches or objects of disdain seen everywhere. Vogue Paris wants you to pick your favorite here. “From loud pop art references and fun twists, to in your face logos and loud and proud slogans, this season’s most covetable accessories are masters of disguise for some or objects of disdain for others like moi.
So there is one that designers have made that they think will please your taste. Whether a pistol, or a box of cornflakes, a truck or even a piano, these clutch are sure to be conversation starters. Personally, I don’t think they are my taste, maybe it’s the mom in me, but I find them some of them a bit silly. Why would I want to carry a box of cornflakes around? Or McDonalds? Nope, and then the price tag, wow, seriously. Yes, they are not cheap.
saint_laurent_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_pistolet_6611_north_883x.1 louis_vuitton_malle_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_3828_north_883x.1 moschino_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_25728439_north_883x.1 anya_hindmarch_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_9521_north_883x.1So why bother writing about them. Because they are being elevated as the must have items to covet which as an African woman, well, I would disagree to an extent. I would rather have an expensive clutch or even a wallet that makes sense than a box of cereal. Although I would agree that the box of milk by Chanel are not so bad looking. Everything else is a pass…
chanel_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_7515_north_883x.1 yaz_bukey_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_2397_north_883x.1 charlotte_olympia_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_970897581_north_883x.1 lulu_guiness_shopping_pochettes_trompe_l_oeil_821684868_north_883x.1Source: Vogue Paris

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