The momemt BuzzFeed failed Lagos Street Style

By now, you must all know that I love our sense of fashion and though I have been silent for a long, long time (it’s my other job ooh, the one that pays the bills), I was so happy when the very popular buzzfeed took on streetstyle from Lagos. It came by the way of Bimi Adewummi, a BuzzFeed Staff with the following caption “These gorgeous photos prove that Lagos street style is the best.” The very fact that word “Lagos” was used alongside “street style” were the source of my excitement.

But then it all went downhill when you see the actual pictures she displayed. Take a look for yourself here. All I kept saying to myself I hope there is more, there will be more, there has to be more, wow, this is it. Only one picture stood out in all she featured, and it’s the one she described as the “striking woman in the striking dress.” Even her description was as bland as the writeup itself. I mean if you are going to write about Lagos Street Style, you don’t describe style as “the churchgoer.” Have you ever seen street style  photos from Paris or New York with the crazy descriptors such as this one Bimi used “the starspangled woman turning heads on the street.” Why even bother, if you would not use your BuzzFeed platform well to elevate Lagos style in a critically conscious manner in the first place. I wanted to be remain as happy as I was when I first saw your title, but Bimi, maybe stick to the other things you do well over at Buzzfeed and leave Lagos Street Style to those who truly know what they are doing.

With all my love,


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2 thoughts on “The momemt BuzzFeed failed Lagos Street Style”

  1. C’mon now Isioma, surely it wasn’t that bad? 😊

    In any case, I sincerely appreciate any constructive feedback so if you could please clarify if it was the pictures or the write up (or perhaps both?) that disappointed you so…I’d be grateful.

    Thanks very much and I look forward to your response.

    1. Hi and yes, it wasn’t at first as I was truly excited for anything Lagos Street Style and I visited your site so I must commend you for your effort (wishing you success). It was the writeup, very poor and the headings made no sense. If we are going to take Lagos Street Style to another level, something that I feel you are poised to do, then writings and pictures will have to be authentic and original, even inspirational so that people can connect Lagos Street Style to other street style.

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