Woman of the Moment: Sai Sankoh

She maybe the editor in chief of “Because I am Fabulous” but Sai Sankoh’s style continues to make major waves and quite frankly is beyond fabulous. The instagram page and website (see here) of the seasoned fashionista shows of her signature blend of edgy downtown cool meets high fashion drama, the type that ought to be a feature in a high fashion magazine like Vogue. I would probably rank this beautiful African soul as a mega dominating force in fashion, the one to watch for inspiration, as she constantly provides a sparkling high note on what luxury fashion can look like from a sophisticated African point of view.

sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-3 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-11 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-6sai-sankoh-dress

From her demure red number below (which by the way is tres chic) to her fanciful jewels, even her turqoise tone hair color are truly captivating, proof that luxury fashion in an African woman can radiate star quality.

sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-8Sai Sankoh is the perfect antidote to luxury meets fashion from the perspective of African women. She consistently casts a witty nod to the season’s key trends while keeping her look polished and supremely elegant. It’s not wonder that I am proud to say that you my dear Sai Sankoh is the woman of the moment here on Isiomastyle Report and (I think forever)…
sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-4 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-10 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-9 sai-sankoh-jeans-

With all my love,


Image Credit: Sai Sankoh’s Blog

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