Seeing African Style with New Lens: Volume 1

It’s a new dawn and many people are finally seeing African Style with new lens. If there is one thing that I am thankful for with Instagram is that it has enable many ordinary people portray the continent we love in new lens. It’s the simple things like an African woman’s smile or a healthy looking African child or even our style that is gaining new momentum, which is ironic, considering that we Africans have known for as long as we can remember that we are so much more than what the media wants people to believe or see. We are so much more than sick individuals, or poverty stricken households or flies swarming our children. This is not to ignore the inherent challenges we face, but these challenges are everywhere from New York to Paris and not just in Lagos or Nairobi. So in my bid to portray Africa positively, to share more insights on African Style from our perspective, I will do my best to capture and celebrate our best moments thanks to Instagram. Our style may not fit the specifications of what mainstream media may want to portray, but it is up to us to try to continue to inspire and elevate us with the hopes that one day, things just may change. Until that day comes, here is my take on #Africa style thanks to Instagram. Whether we are wearing our traditional clothes, or showcasing our handmade treasure pieces, Africa has never looked so stylish in the 6 images below…

1. Bright bold colors from river life in the Volta Region of Ghana by Ato Quainoo

2. Lumiere Couture Official: A Ghanaian Luxury Women’s Clothing Spring 2015 collection

3. French Blogger @Vanessa1506 in an awesome hairstyle with African prints hair wrap.

4. One.lobe: Zanzibar Tanzania, the sight of a mother and child looking in beautiful bold prints looking at the river.

5. Songilangeni: Bicyle Ride in DRC Congo, woman purple with gold embrodeired dress and and a wrapper on her waist, looking stylish while riding her bicycle.

6. Shades of Elegance by Olebijoux, total sophistication, glamor in this image

Source: Instagram


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