Why Business of Fashion Does Not Get It

I love Business of Fashion and I know they mean well, but in my opinion business of fashion does not get it at all and their site only seeks to serve a certain crop of people, whom I will refer to as the elite in fashion. To illustrate this clearly simply go over to their Voices corner which BOF suggests is a new fashion forum for debate. By which I ask  by whom and for whom. While you are there check out their latest post on traditional crafts. Yes, they want you, me, everyone, to debate on “how traditional craftmanship can survive the modern world?” Now take a look at all the people who wrote the opinion-editorial, one is a fashion features director for Vogue India, another a Director of British Fashion School, and the last a designer who designs are exclusively stocked by London’s Brown’s Boutique. I am sorry, but what about the people who do the traditional craftsmanship, don’t they have a voice or opinion worthy of the pages of Business of Fashion. Again I am reminded of the great renowned scholar Chinua Achebe’s maxims where he eloquently stated that “until the lions produce their own historians, the story of the hunt will only glorify the hunter.” Clearly this post is only serving to glorify the elite, and not the traditional craftman in even India or Kenya. Traditional craftmanship like my previous post on Aso-Oke (read here) can only survive if the voices of the skilled craftmen and women are given the space to voice their opinions or express their views. Yes those that produce these crafts are often small, family run enterprises, without financial resources to attact and develop new talent and without the skills to create a sustainable business. But people like you Business of Fashion did not even given them the space to voice their own opinion or express their own perceptions on this topic. This is easily the most ill-conceived debate in fashion forum by it clearly illustrates my opinion of why I firmly believe that Business of Fashion does not get it all. By the way they will soon have a debate on “what it will take for Africa to join the global fashion system?” Let only hope that real African fashion designers and African fashion writers are firmly on the table. Stay tuned soon.






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