Raising $1million for African Fashion

What will it take to raise $1 million for African Fashion.If you follow racked.com which I often do, you may have come across the post they shared where an indie activewear brand known as Outdoor Voices raised $1.1 million to open more stores. Let me give you a brief fact about Outdoor Voices. Racked.com dubbed them as the “cool new” activewear company that has received sign of approval from other retail giants like J.Crew. What makes them so special is that they are known for their subdued, streamlined leggings, sports bras, tanks, and tops that anyone can wear for trail runs to running errands. To be quite frank, I have never heard of them before until this racked.com post. If you visit their site at outdoorvoices.com, here is what you would find about them: “Outdoor Voices makes Apparel for Recreation. We take it as a given that activewear must perform, but we see it as a virtue that our clothing also looks good and fits well.” Honestly the idea of Outdoor Voices is really simple like their name, they pride themselves in creating outfits that would fit the life and style of any man or woman in love with leisure but not defined by the activity. I think we are sold and raising $1.1 million in this difficult times is another indication of success with branding and selling their activewear. Which brings me to today’s question: What will it take for an African Fashion Designer or even a writer like myself to excel to the point of raising $1 million to expand our presence in the near future. Judging from Outdoor Voices success I would say simplicity. Doing things that personify African style, culture, etc, but in a simple manner. Honestly it’s about making sure that people are inspired by our style, even though they may not necessarily be defined by African culture. It’s about creating clothes that would fit their lifestyle, being direct to our fanbase and customers first and foremost while offering better prices. It is about being incredible brands that speaks directly to a generation that prizes authenticity. This is what Outdoor Voices did. Hopefully we can learn from them too.



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