Rekindling my love for African Food

I used to blog about African Food (see here) and I was reminded about it last week. Food for me is life and African food is truly the bane of my existence. While working on my dissertation I started a blog on mastering the art of African cuisine. See how the journey began here.  It was a great experience, one that I am truly proud of and yes I can cook. In fact I did well if I might say up to the point of even hosting an African feast for my many dear friends who helped and supported me during that period.

Yes, I am a PhD holder by day and a blogger by night who happens to love her style, culture, books, art, music and yes food. I can’t help it, I am a proud African woman who loves a mix of both world. While this blog started as a result of my love for style from an African perspective, I have now decided to never forget where I started from by rekindling my love for African food in a new feature post I would, well, call Food. It will be a fusion of my old recipes and new ones that I can’t wait to try and definitely pictorial, a celebration of African Food in a most dignified manner. Welcome to a new era on food from an African perspective.

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