Imagine African Fashion, Trending on Google

Imagine African Fashion, trending on Google right now. What will be landscape look like? Who will be the leaders, the designers to know, the writers to love (hopefully us) and the sites to shop? This is what Google is trying to achieve as indicated in their inaugural report which showcases the six billion fashion-related queries by Google users. With every query typed into a search bar, Google is given a glimpse into user considerations or intentions which ultimately provides a strong representation of what a population is interested in when it comes to fashion while also gaining insight into their behavior. According to Google;

“Google Fashion Trends report brings forth the power of Big Data into the hands of the designers, planners, marketers, trendsetters and taste-makers. The goal of this report is to share useful data for planning purposes accompanied by curated pieces of what they believe can make for impactful trends.

Why does this matter, truth is African Fashion isn’t trending on Google as it should (there are over 1 billion Africans), not even close. But then again, it depends on what one may describe as African Fashion. If you recall from my previous post here, on what really is African fashion, you will remember that the answer is not as simple as fashion from Africa. “African fashion is more than prints and more that clothes worn by people of Africa only. It is about a unique vision and quite frankly clothes that celebrate one’s cultural heritage, one’s personality, or one’s creativity. I cannot say it enough, but it is “more than that which is worn by an African in Africa or made for Africa by an African.”
midi-skirt zuvaa-midi-skirt-2zuvaa-midi-skirt-4

Given this assertion, what if anything can African Fashion learn from this inaugural trend report by Google. For starters, people are turning to Google search in moments that matter when it comes to their wardrobe. Google has helped us to identify and curate the up and coming fashion trends for the spring season. If I am an avid African Fashion lover, which lord knows I am, I will make my purchase with these trends in mind. If I am an African Fashion designer, lord knows, I will make new designs with these trends in mind with the hope that as those six billion fashion-related queries come in, my designs, my style will be featured among them with it’s own African flair of course.

African Fashion should now and always follow trends, no matter how small. They matter because people are interested in distinguishing between the trends to watch and the trends to forget and Google has made a report that can serve as a guide. My only hope is that soon and very soon, African Fashion would pop up as one of those trends to follow also. By the way, all these midi skirts shown above and below with an African twist, are one trend to follow for spring, 2015.
midi-skirt zuvaa-midi-skirt-3 zuvaa-midi-skirt

Images: Instagram

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