On the benefits of Nigerian Okra and Egusi Soup

If you had to make me choose meals that are nutritional dense, visually appealing and oh so pleasant to taste, it would hands be Nigerian Okra and Egusi soup. Okra soup is made with okra and like I shared here yesterday it’s benefits are not only skin deep but one great weight loss secret to try. According to shape.com, “the fiber found in okra acts as a “fuel” for the good bacteria in your gut that are associated with good fat metabolism. These fibers also help transport fat-soluble toxins and fat out of the body, and can help maintain blood sugar regulation—which is critical for weight loss. Just be sure to bake, not fry, to keep your okra diet friendly.”

Egusi on the other hand is known as the organic West African miracle food partly because the Egusi seed which looks exactly like watermelon seeds are is composed of nearly 50% healthy fats and 30% protein. Whoa! Nutrition! A great dietary supplement that can be a staple in a vegetarian diet. The seeds also taste a lot like pumpkin seed.
egusi-seeds egusi-soup-2

For great recipes on how to make these soup please visit here for Egusi Soup and here for Okra soup. I guarantee that you would thank me later for this post on Nigerian Okra and Egusi Soup.

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