The modern African Turban: The latest style trends to know

One of my earliest posts here on Isioma Style Report was on African Turban (read here). To many of us Africans, a turban is the defining piece of accessory we wear simply because it exudes regal elegance to the core. We may call it different names depending on what African country you belong to like the Gele for Nigerians, but one thing is certain, our turban is always memorable, beautiful and most definitely a bold piece of fashion statement.

For 2015 and those looking for modern African Turban style trends to know, I am in love with turbanista (See here), a blog dedicated to the art of turban. The diversity is impressive and goes to show how women look and feel beautiful in their headwrap. See some photos I love below and do follow them also. I know I will.
turbanista-2 turbanista-1 turbanista-3

Lauren Fletcher a photographer took some gorgeous photos that you will love for the latest issue of South African Magazine Gaschette and all I can say is, I need to tie one of this regal pieces soon. The model is Aphelele and styling was done by Zakirah Rabaney with makeup by Jacequeline D’Nielle. Read the story behind the shoot here and if you can, grab a copy of the Fall 2015 issue of Gaschette Magazine, a South African independent online magazine “showcasing all original, all free content” and cutting edge fashion.

modern-african-turban modern-african-turban-2 modern-african-turban-3 modern-african-turban-4 modern-african-turban-5 modern-african-turban-8 modern-african-turban-9 modern-african-turban-10




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