When will fashion discover Africa: Enter Zuvaa, the online marketplace disrupting African Fashion Industry

It seems that the opportunity for fashion to discover Africa or a global marketplace for African design is now. Zuvaa, an online community and marketplace of African inspired fashion and accessories is transforming the very essence of fashion and style made in Africa. Founded by Kelechi Anyadiegwu just over a year ago, Zuvaa has made significant traction to their vision with over $150,000 in revenue and 1200 customers from countries around the world. They have also helped the 30+ vendors on their platform significantly grow their business; on average each vendor has doubled their sales since joining Zuvaa. Many have described Zuvaa’s founder Kelechi as “Africa’s fashion hero” for the way she seeks to disrupt the global fashion industry by enabling African fashion designers to easily sell their products, while consumers from around the world can now shop the latest African fashion at the click of a button. I couldn’t agree more. Oh, and she has 50K instragram followers (as of this morning) and a fan base that is growing every minute.

Zuvaa seeks to dominate the African Fashion Industry by providing a platform where fashion designers from African can shine brightly while making profits. Simply put for an African fashion business to survive in the medium to long term, it has to make and return profits on an annual basis. Simply participating in African Fashion Weeks or Events is not enough if your participation does not translate into sales (read here to learn why). With an estimated 300,000 lifetime sales for only a year of existence, Zuvaa is well on the way to helping African fashion designers reach their maximum potential in this cut-throat global fashion industry. Zuvaa is also revered for its luxurious approach to showcasing trendy African fashion staples on their social media platform. Their site and social media offers a window into the current trends on fashion and style from Africa.

Take for example, this Chanell dashiki dress with a twist below by the vendor Tribal Groove.

I don’t know about you, but we are sold to this infinity dress. It has two straps at the top so that you can style anyway you want. But the styling options are also endless, complete with youtube videos on how to style your very own Chanell dress. You can get it here for $160. Oh, as if that’s not enough, you can also enjoy the dress as a skirt as well. An African fashion luxury that is truly worth every penny thanks to Zuvaa. There is also no denying that African fashion a ’la street style edition is on the rise. And even though Kyemah McEntryre and her African-inspired prom dress (see here) helped to break the internet this year, social media in general remains the go-to guide on how to be an African fashion street style phenomenon and Zuvaa is leading the way. Not to mention, it’s best for watching the best African fashion has to offer. We suffer from style envy at the hands of the people who wear African- fashion every day and Zuvaa has got us covered.  They also curate a selection of styles promoted by top African fashion bloggers  such as Stella of J’adore Fashion and others who are setting the agenda on fashion and style from an African perspective.

One thing we also love about Zuvaa is when they shine a spotlight on their vendors. In a very small African Fashion industry filled with people who are self-ambitious and only after their own personal agendas, it is quite refreshing that a site like Zuvaa exists for real emerging designers working hard to maximize their reach and potential for the global fashion industry. Zuvva gives them a place to shine and their spotlight is usually a vote of confidence that can propel the brand forward into the land of never ending sales.

For me, there is no denying that African Fashion is on the rise. Zuvaa is the first and go-to online marketplace for emerging trends on African Fashion. Here at Isioma’s Style Reprot, we applaud them for empowering the human story behind the production of African inspired fashion and style made from within and outside Africa. If you are like us and love African fashion, then head on to Zuvaa for some serious stylish pieces that you can add to your closet. See our favorites below. Oh and African fashion never looked this good.
Zuvaa-3 Zuvaa-4 zuvaa-1


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