BBC Africa wants to know “What is African Fashion and what does it mean to you?”

A spectaacular exhibit of African fashion is currently on display at twitter universe and it is spearheaded by BBC Africa. Yesterday, in honor of the BBC Africa digital fashion series, the great minds over at BBC Africa sent out this tweet “What is African fashion and what does it mean to you? Tell us using Videos & pictures too.” Their question has been retweeted 66 times with a wide array of photos and videos from people everywhere collectively describing what African fashion means to them. I have longed to ask this question to a captive audience and so I am quite pleased that BBC Africa is leading the way. An impressive exhibit of African fashion is truly on display with comments from people passionate about sharing what fashion from Africa means to them.

Take for example, the comment by Frehiwot Negash, to her African Fashion means “cultural heritage combined with design.” I couldn’t agree more. She shared an image of herself and her mom wearing an intricate Habesha traditional dress. from her Ethiopian heritage.

Social Naija noted that to them “African Fashion is Freedom, beauty, intricate design and most of all, Flamboyance. ” Honestly they took the words right out of my mouth.

KazAfrocentrics shared that “African fashion represents its people – unique, vibrant, creative, cultural, strong.” They shared striking examples of what African fashion in the form of handbags made with our own unique fabrics that every African loves like the air we breathe.


I loved Milena Bereket comments that African Fashion is when “traditional meets modern, or color meets pride.” She put Eritrean fashion on display with their richly colored embroidery that truly illustrates why Africans are so proud of their fashion.

Not to be outdone, of course Isiomastyle participated and if you know us by know, you would know that African fashion is authentic. We are never for fast-fashion, but fashion that is vibrant and so full of life. Fashion that is sustainable and relevant always.

African fashion is us in every sense of the word and so much more as revealed in the comments by people on twitter. The revolution has begun and the global fashion industry will soon recognize that which we Africans are proud off. Like Milena Bereket, we are proud of our clothes, or like Social Naija, it’s our freedom and beauty. I am pleased to be part of the #dressAfricaBBC conversation because it once again sheds light on how finely executed, boldly colored African fashion can be, something African are always proud of. See more tweets in response to BBC Africa’s question over at their twitter handle here

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