This $90 Christian Louboutin Lipstick is a joke

I love Christian Louboutin and I applaud the brand for they way they have dominated the shoe industry with their red sole and all. Now, it seems that they are looking to conquer the beauty world with lipsticks that aren’t cheap at all. Yes, $90 for one lipstick, this is according to The Zoe Report The lipstick will come in 38 different shades, all in satin, matte, and sheer finishes. If you are not sold yet, the packaging even comes complete as a necklace.


Now, I love my lipstick and I am a true Mac fan, but $90 for lipstick. Why do some brands think they can just up and name a price for anything just because they can. Does the world really need another lipstick brand, let alone one that costs $90 when there are really issues to deal with in the world, I don’t know, like health, education, unemployment? Has Christian Louboutin not made enough money with their red soles? Things like $90 red lipsticks are a joke and should be avoided at all cost even if you have the money to spare. Rather invest it in others, heck even go to church and put it in an offering basket. Don’t buy a lipstick ever for $90 even if it is made by well-established brand like Christian Louboutin.

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