Ritamae’s Poetry Corner: The Perfect Poem

This poetry is one of my favorite and it’s from my very dear friend who hails from the great country of Belize, Ritamae Hyde. I post it last year and it is worth re-posting time and time again because well I absolutely adore this poem and if you ever get the privilege of hearing Ritamae recite it in person, my goodness you will truly get goosebumps. I could go on and on about The perfect poem, but I would let the words do all the speaking and do support this phenomenal poet by purchasing her poetry book Mahogany Whispers. Bisous

The Perfect Poem
The perfect poem
is not about standard lines,
rhymes or figures of speech
such as hyperbole
or simile

The perfect poem
is a stimulus
forcing senses
to comprehend
the profoundest

Like a Calypso
sprawled on a bed
with the smell of sex
heavy in the air
the perfect poem
beckons men
into her abyss of bliss

The perfect poem
blessed with the soul
of the great
Zulu Warriors,
with each angle,
turn and throw
conquers the mind
of all tribes

The perfect poem is
rebellious in nature,
a non-conformist,
freeing itself
of all prisons of structure
and adverse control mechanisms

The perfect poem
is disrespectful
of authority
and chains of command
and the divide of humans
no more patricians
and plebeians

The perfect poem
is volatile,
a weapon of
mass destructiom
against corruption,
disparity, alienation
and racial acrimony

Serving as a discriminatory agent
the perfect poem
acts against all oppressors,
including the great
one-eyed leaders
of this world

Yes, the perfect poem
is reborn
it is the audacity of hope
the once alien dream of a Martin Luther King, Jr.
realized in a Barack Obama

The perfect poem is
the voice of the deranged,
the homeless, helpless
and the ‘others’ of this stygian world

The perfect poem my friends,
is a journey to reality,
a subway connection to truth, justice,
and the unrealized dreams of democracy

Ritamae Hyde, 2010
Source: Mahogany Whispers
Image: Ritamae Hyde

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