Rwandan Model Happy Umurerewa is Unapologetically Beautiful

Happy Jacqueline Umurerewa  is a seriously stunning Rwandan-Canadian model who enjoys working out, listening to music and spending time with her close friends. I am equally impressed by her love for God and all things Rwandan Inspired. But it’s her facebook account that we are totally crushing over today.

It’s no secret that I am crazy in love with all things African Inspired. Let’s face it, it is the best continent in the world and it produced some of the finest and luxurious products the world has ever since. From diamonds to oil, Africa is the birthplace for all things luxurious. What’s even more, it’s people are some of the most beautiful people you will ever come across. Case in point Rwandan Model Happy Umurerewa.

I stumbled across this seriously stunning African beauty while perusing through an editorial she did for Glassbook Magazine. I was so impressed by her beauty that I took the time to learn more about her. Oh by the way, I love her name. With a name like Happy, what more can a person ask for.
Happy-Umurerewa-images-12 Happy-Umurerewa-images-9

Fun Facts: She was nominated as the 2014 African Canadian Model of the Year. She began her career as a fashion model in 2010 and one of her favorite designer is Roberto Cavali. If this is your first time hearing about Happy, do follow her immediately on facebook and twitter, but before you do let me walk you through why I think she is one of the next top African High Fashion Models to know. Her pictures as just as stunning as the quintessential images of Grace Jones, who happens to be one of Happy’s role model.  And when she is not strutting down the runways of designers such as Zac Posen, or working for magazine editorials, she is seen snapping a pic in a Rwandan market place surrounded with African vegetables and fruits and a smile that makes me long for her world or at least an African market. Can we just say picture perfect.
Happy-Umurerewa-images-8 Happy-Umurerewa-images-10

For those of you who do not know Happy, her facebook page says it all, she is “unique,’ a ‘flawless elegance,’ ‘calm’ and emits a ‘confident grace.’ Do check out some of my favorite images of her courtesy of her Facebook page, follow her on twitter @happymurejackie and I guarantee that you will see why I think that she is the one to watch…
Happy-Umurerewa-images-7 Happy-Umurerewa-images-6 Happy-Umurerewa-images-2 Happy-Umurerewa-images-4 Happy-Umurerewa-images-5

p.s Happy is picture perfect, almost doll-like in a gorgeous colorblock editorial for Glassbook Magazine. With photography by Matthew Lyn and styling by Randy Smith, the model is shown in striking looks by luxurious designers such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Akris etc, that are #simplydivine.
Rwandan-Model-Happy-Image-3 Rwandan-Model-Happy-Image-2- Rwandan-Model-Happy-Image-1

Source: Happy Umurerewa’s Facebook Page, Glassbook Magazine

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