Meet Monaa, the Ghanaian Brand Changing Made in Africa

I am loving my Made in Africa series because every week it allows me to introduce the game changers or brands disrupting the global fashion industry with Made in Africa products are are strikingly cosmopolitan and authentic. This week is about Monaa, a Ghanaian Brand changing made in Africa as we know it with their luxury footwear label. The cosmopolitan site (one of my favorites) Atelier Fifty Five did a feature on them (Read here for more) that I thought to share. Happy Reading.

“Monaa was founded by German born, Ghanaian sisters Nana and Afua Dabanka, and is infused with the diverse experiences of their multi-cultural upbringing, in particular paying homage to their regal Ashanti heritage.
Monaa designers

The inspiration behind Monaa harks back to Nana and Afua’s childhood memories of the traditional handmade leather Ohenema slippers their father wore, and their Mother’s intricately woven silk kente cloths. Now living in New York and London respectively, the sisters maintain ties to their childhood home in Germany, as well as regularly travelling  to Ghana. The name Monaa combines Afua’s nickname Mo’ with ‘Naa’ an endearing abbreviation of Nana.  Monaa was born of a desire to uphold the exquisite craftsmanship and knowledge that comes with tradition, and combining it with a global design perspective to create a new covetable aesthetic. The footwear is handcrafted by skilled artisans from their workshop in Ghana, using fine globally sourced leathers, and African inspired embellishment such as playful pom poms, chain detailing, and even painted organic seeds are used adorn the designs bringing a touch of glamour to your ensemble, giving your feet a luxurious treat. Each design is named by the artisans. A limited edition selection of Monaa sandals are now available on the online African fashion platform.” A limited edition of Monaa sandals are available for sale over at Kisua.
Monaa-6 Monaa-3 Monaa-2 Monaa-4

Image Source: Kisua, Monaa


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