Modern African Fashion At Afropunk 2015 in New York

It was a breathtakingly beautiful August weekend, the sort where you can’t imagine wearing anything else but fashion and style from Africa. You know me, I am 100% biased anytime and anywhere African fashion in on display. The images all over social media from the recently concluded Afropunk 2015 festival in Brooklyn New York made me smile, as of course, modern African fashion was on full display. The familiar emotion of feeling that our black is beautiful or that our sense of African fashion and style is equally important was on full force at Afropunk, 2015. There were colors everywhere in cuts that were pleasing to the eye (case in point our feature image). modern-african-fashion

I especially love the glorious image of a Zuvaa ambassador in her blue cropped top and skirt made perfect with her hair style and face makeup. She is totally divine.

modern african fashion

There were others as well who showcased fashion and street style that is representative of Africa and these outfits were oh so cosmopolitan. Like the  stripped shirt worn by this lovely lady below from her beloved country of Ghana. afropunk-2
Truly and in my humble opinion, the most stylish people were out in full force at the festival, they were representing African fashion really well, especially these lovely ladies with their headwraps which I am sure will make you long for a tutorial and don’t get me started on the necklace worn by the fine lady in the middle below, African fashion is truly winning. I could go on and on as on why this festival is probably one of the best in terms of unique African fashion that is trendy and very modern, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking because they are the best images of Modern African fashion from #afropunk2015.



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