African Models at New York Fashion Week

With the New York Fashion Week just around the corner, the showcards of some African Models that maybe strutting down the runway are out. Here are why these showcards are important (thanks to and we wish all of them best of luck and hopefully the runways will be diverse this season.


While Fashion Week’s primary focus centers on clothes, for modeling agencies, the event presents a unique opportunity for the promotion of their talent—and the agencies themselves. Each season the world’s premier agencies send out a variety of show cards to a select set of clients and casting directors. Serving as both the visual representation of an agency’s roster and its brand identity, in the past few years the cards have moved far beyond the basic into a creative endeavor all their own. Whether they showcase the very best images from the models’ portfolios or cast them in a new light entirely via brand-new images, collages, or drawings, the best show packages capture the imagination of their recipients, as they set about creating a tone for the season. Collaborations with notable illustrators, art directors, and photographers are not uncommon, and neither are memorable add-ons, like free T-shirts, jackets, and charms. (Everyone loves swag!).
01_Nyamouch 02_Achok 02_Achok__ 02_Adau 02_Adau__ 08_Ajak 08_Ajak_ 16_Betty_Adewole 16_Betty_Adewole_

Getting a card pinned to the casting board for a major show and a model eventually confirmed is the highest goal, but the benefits of creating a talked-about package are multifold. With thousands of models competing for limited space on the runways of New York City, London, Milan, and Paris, a dynamic image in their agency’s show package can help to pique a client’s interest. In a crowded market, a creative presentation can also help to provide niche agencies with visibility that sets them apart from their contemporaries… With that spirit in mind, here are some of the unique show packages for African models.

We choose to focus on these models with hopes that they will secure a space on the runway this season. Either way they are all beautiful and hopefully their beauty will shine forth soon.



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