3 Steps to a Million Dollar African Fashion Brand

I came across a post over at Forbes.com that I thought to share here today. I am calling my version of it, 3 steps to a million dollar African fashion brand, although the version over at Forbes is in reference to becoming a billion dollar (read here). The steps are very simple and makes sense for anyone interested in striking it big with African fashion. The post was written by Cherly Conner and she states the following which I have revised for African fashion brand:

If you have a million dollar ambition, work first on anticipating what your customer will want. Next, figure out what you can do better than anyone else in the world to meet that need and talk to your customers in advance about the points your solution will fill. Finally communicate what your doing in real and authentic language for as long as your product’s alive. Easy right? Admittedly, this is not as simple to achieve as it sounds. But get these things right and you’ll be on your way to the million dollar African fashion club.


  1. Figure out what people will want, and give it to them: If your goal is to create “smart” African fashion that people will love, then you need to do your research to figure out what your potential customer is interested in.

2. Do one thing better than anyone else: Sometime all it takes it one worthy product to go big with as a way to edge up your brand recognition, while also keeping an eye for the future. Discover that think that you can be the “king of” and go in that direction toward world domination. In other words, just master one thing, one thing and then go from there. One great example from this are the avant-garde “icon” gele by Funmilola Irantiola Olurinola of Abekemakeovers. She has perfected the art of tying gele in a manner that’s completely stunning, spectacular and breath-taking. More on this in a future post, but for now, see what I mean below.


3. Tell the authentic story only your brand can tell: See African fashion falls flat in many cases because everybody creates fashion in the same way. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you will need to create a unique brand story, using authentic language from your customer’s wants and needs. So have you spoken to your customers about their issue with fashion and gotten their thoughts on the way you could solve it for them. And while you are at it, ask whether they will be willing to pay for a food resolution. So find the story that stands apart from the rest of the market and communicate it consistently and well. As Gerry Lantz says: “A strong brand is more profitable in the long-term because it creates a multiplier effect that generates immense trust, repeat purchase, referrals and a perception of quality that lives on.”

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