At New York Fashion Week, Brother Vellies is taking African-inspired fashion to new heights

If you don’t know Brother Vellies by now, please Google it. I am serious, Google it and you will see how this brand is taking African-inspired fashion to new heights. Yesterday, the designer behind Brother Vellies, Aurora Jones, unveiled her new collection at the on-going New York Fashion with Kanye West in attendance. Now that’s how you know you have arrived. Kanye West is supporting your work. It get’s better. They were also featured on New York Times. Now if you want to make it big and I mean really make a difference in African fashion, having support from heavy weights in the industry is one sure way to go, but another is having quality products that customers are willing to invest in and Brother Vellies is doing just that. The praises and support for Brother Veillies from entities like the New York Times illustrates this point further: “She produces her handmade footgear near Cape Town, as well as in Kenya, Morocco and points west. For spring 2016, Ms. James, a nominee for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, turned her hand to feathers and beads… The shoes were conceived, she noted, to appeal to “customers willing to invest in artisanal things.”

The praises numbering in the tens of thousands for Brother Vellies come streaming in from all over world. Another site Style.Mic had this to say as well: “You probably don’t know the name Aurora James yet, but you will soon.  James is the 31-year-old founder and creative director behind a line of African-inspired shoes called Brother Vellies, a line that’s earning praise for its cool look and even cooler method of manufacturing. How cool? On Thursday, her presentation at New York Fashion Week drew just about every fashion insider in the business — oh, and Kanye West.
Brother-Vellies-NYFW-5 Brother-Vellies-NYFW-6Brother-Vellies-NYFW-2 Brother-Vellies-NYFW-3Brother-Vellies-NYFW-8 Brother-Vellies-NYFW-7

I love Brother Veilles because they are in the business of doing African-inspired fashion the right way ooh and creating jobs as well. In my opinion, she is claiming the number 1 spot for creating sustainable products from Africa that appeals to people in the West while also creating jobs for people in Africa. As Aurora herself has said to other sites, she is in the business of giving people in Africa employment, not charity and I applaud her for this. Checkout some the new collection below. It includes gladiators sandals in desert tones worked in a combination of leather, suede, feathers, and intricate bead works. If you were to purchase any of her new piece, you are destined to be the talk of the town. Ooh and let’s not forget the velor with furry feet everywhere. Confidence is the characteristic that personifies the new collection presented by Brother Vellies. Aurora Jones knows what her customers love and she is willing to create products that will make them longing for more. I applaud her for such a stunning and thoughtful presentation yesterday and wish Aurora James all the best as she takes African fashion to new heights.

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