Edun’s Takes Made in Africa To New Heights at NYFW

New York Fashion Week is now in full force and the brand Edun takes Made in African to new heights with their latest collection. Culled from the New York Times:

“Once the show started, Guinean drummers from New York and Paris provided live accompaniment from the stands. After the show, guests were lined up deeper to get pictures of them than of the celebrities. Danielle Sherman, Edun’s designer (six months pregnant herself), explained afterward that the collection drew inspiration from the Kuba people of central Africa, renowned for their textiles, and from the 1930s. The Kuba influence was felt in the larger volumes; the 1930s, in the apron-front and pinafore shapes. All that may be more explication than an Edun customer cares to digest. It’s probably enough to grasp, instinctively, that the bounty of fringe, on dresses and suits, had an appealing swing. “I thought it was really beautiful,” said Liya Kebede, the Ethiopian supermodel, backstage…”

And from Vogue:

“Tethering high-fashion values to sustainable ones isn’t an easy task, yet it’s something that creative director Danielle Sherman has managed to do since she took the helm of Edun in 2013. The brand’s commitment to producing ethically sound clothing in Africa is now a decade deep, thanks to founders Ali Hewson and Bono, and for Sherman the continent has been a rich source of inspiration too.

This season it was the ceremonial dance costumes of the Kuba Kingdom in Central Africa that piqued the designer’s interest, and those familiar with the tribe’s distinctive graphic textiles might have picked up on the influence in the hand-loomed polka-dot pattern on a fringed jumpsuit. Beyond that, though, the references were anything but literal. Intricate African craftwork was subtly woven throughout instead—be it on the tassel of a pointy slipper that was made in Morocco, or the macramé trimming of a modish cropped suit fabricated in Madagascar.

There was a gentle ’30s sway to the collection too—a nod to Dada performance artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp—and you could see signs of it in the contrast stitching of pleated pinafore dresses and the neckline of a charming sailor-inspired look. One standout top in workman’s orange was a particularly compelling take on the off-the-shoulder trend that’s been sweeping both the runway and the streets this season. Given that the brand’s sleek new line of handbags was manufactured in South Africa, it’s clear that Sherman is charting new territory with Edun in more ways than one.”

See the collection below:
Edun-NYFW-2015 Edun-NYFW-2015-A Edun-NYFW-2015-B Edun-NYFW-2015-C Edun-NYFW-2015-D Edun-NYFW-2015-F Edun-NYFW-2015-EEdun-NYFW-

p.s in other news, my posting will be slow these days…be patient with me, the best if yet to come…

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