Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is one African Fashion Designer to Know: It’s all in his precise details.

One of the defining characteristics of a designer is precision. Precision in drawing a particular style, precision in cutting and measuring every detail of that style, precision in productivity and accuracy as your roll out the style to everyone, and precision in the final finished product seen and loved by everyone. Whatever you do, in the end people will judge only if they find what you make as something that precisely fits their taste. Enter Weiz Dhrum Franklyn, the Nigerian fashion designer whose style middle name in my opinion is precision. He is one fashion designer that plays with texture and tone, sheer layers on top embroidered roses, give his collection a unique feel, like it was made precisely for you and only you.I like that he takes risks. Leather cut out on mesh with divine precision. Velvet cutouts too with floral appliques.

Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn-design Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn-design-2 Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn-design-3 Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn-design-4

Here is the thing, everything he makes is fantastic. He is what African Fashion needs, a designer who has mastered the art of stylish design.

Weiz Dhrum Franklyn also favors reducing fashion design to its essential elements but with precise detailing that would make the style standout. He is one African fashion designer that is distilling intricate patterns on structured, but simple silhouettes so that the design itself is effortless looking. African fashion designers are the future, but there are few with raw talent. Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is one of them. Trendspotters will do well to look to this designer. He is eagerly awaiting to take the global fashion industry by storm and collaborations with everyone, like with the Paris fashion blogger for her wedding (see images below) are destined to propel this African designer to the top.

Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn-a Weiz-Dhrum-Franklyn

We need more designers that can actually design. We are in a moment where the only way for African Fashion to go is up and up. But it will take designers who are attentive to precise detailing, designers who are not afraid to make precisely what you the consumer would love. Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is one of those designers and his ovation is long over due.

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