At LFDW 2015, Tiffany Amber was simple, yet luxurious

The 5th edition of Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is well underway and the designers are out in full force. Tiffany Amber was the first designer to debut her collection and the entire presentation was as fresh as ever. Elegantly non-conformist, Tiffany Amber is a designer who plays entirely to her own aesthetic of what African fashion should look and feel like, creating a vibrant look that was supremely luxurious to look at. With everyone looking forward to sophisticated fashion and design from LFDW, Tiffany Amber did not disappoint. Essentially, she is out to make an impact in African fashion and she did so in a very effortlessly chic manner. There were sumptuous silk dresses in delicious shades of blue and multi-colors that will make for exquiste day or night wear for any woman who loves to look like a million dollars. Most of the designs she sent down the runway had unique details-sheer organza overlays in upscale dresses , long sleeve white jumpsuit cascading over one shoulder, boxy tops pinch-seamed to suggest a waist and perfectly flowy silhouettes in light and airy styles that caress the body.
Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-106Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-107Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-104 Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-105 Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-101 Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-109Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-111Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-113Tiffany-Amber-LFDW-112

The flowy silhouettes proved to be a winning style, appearing again and again in most of Tiffany Amber’s collection. There is no doubt that the Tiffany Amber woman loves effortlessly cool “Glamour,” plain and simple. If you were in any doubt as to what the African woman desires in fashion, look no further than the prim luxe collection that Tiffany Amber’s has built her reputation on. This collection proved a valuable reminder of the opportunity that comes from allowing African fashion designers to flourish in a space that belongs to them. And here’s the thing, it was fantastic plain and simple.

Image Credit: Kola Oshalusi



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