With African Fashion, The Future is Female

The head of very popular online marketplace for African Fashion, Zuvaa marketplace is a female, and so is the made in African brand, Brother Vellies who recently worn the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and the sole writer of isiomastylereport.com, the self-proclaimed voice of African fashion. Truly, with African fashion, the future is female. No offense to all the males out their working to put African fashion on the map. In fact I applaud what you are doing, like the head honcho of Kisua or the Ghanaian lead editor of W magazine, ( although some, myself included, may question your influence with African fashion in general, but that a post for another day). Nonetheless, women are changing the course of what African fashion is and can do in the future. Women are re-contextualizing African fashion in it’s own right like in the way Diana Opoti wore African labels only for 100 days. African fashion has taken a life of it’s own and rightfully so as our fashion is perhaps the most enchanting of them all. Maybe it’s the prints (and before you attack me, I know that African fashion is so much more than prints), but honestly, I love the disarming innocence of every customized piece you see worn by women in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya.

Zuvaa-marketplace-2 african-fashion-start-small

Maybe it’s also African women’s defiance to Western fashion influence like in the images above. Honestly, each silent presence (or loud depending on what part Africa you visit, shout out to my naija ladies), nourishes every sense of being. The colors alone take the tears of the bland Western fashion influence with it’s love for blacks or greys, and gives the idea of fashion, the shine, it rightfully deserves, for you, me, any one who chooses to be African, even if it is for a day. I have never received so much compliment with what I am wearing as much as I receive for any African piece I wear and it can be as simple as the headpiece on my head. In my opinion, there is only one duty for fashion and that’s for you to shine brightly in anything you choose to wear. African fashion is that fashion that gives you the sun and the moon and anything in between and it’s future is decidedly female. The most evident token and apparent sign of the future of African fashion being female is its leaders. Whether it’s the fashion designers, or it’s fashion writers or even the fashion models, females are constant with African fashion and every one of them are working in their own right to give African fashion its shape and form.

In the middle of the buying experience or the desire to buy something African fashion, you will also find women. The most certain sign that African fashion is changing the global fashion industry as we know it, begins and ends with the female buyer. She is the one wearing the key trends and the key pieces to own from renowned or emerging designer. She is also an avid supporter of anything African fashion, one only needs to see all the African fashion events, to see that the majority of those in attendance are female. I could go on and on, but honestly, it all boils down to this point, and whether you agree or not, with African Fashion, “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.”

Image credit: Zuvaa instagram

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