What’s your mission statement with African Fashion? Insights from Umano Clothing

Last Friday while watching one of my favorite shows ever “Shark Tank,” I came across the label Umano Clothing (see here). They are the inspiration for today’s post on “what’s your mission statement with African fashion.” For those who may have never heard of Umano (I didn’t know about them too, so no worries), it is basically a story of two brothers on a mission to mesh fashion and philanthropy, my two greatest goals in life, although mine given my first job would also include a third goal; health, fashion and philanthropy (more of this in 2016). Anyways, back to their story, they got the financial investment they were looking for by way of support from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner and reflecting back on their, I believe that it’s because of their mission with fashion which simply “is to empower kids to unleash their creativity. ” Umano-4 Umano-3 Umano-2 Umano

As a mother of two little adorable kids, I admire the fact that they believe in the unlimited potential of a kids imagination and that art would inspire them to create a path of their own making. Their product stands on its own, with it’s straightforward style that was loved by all the judges at Shark Tank. It was also unpretentious and it was clear that the brothers are passionate about what they are doing, which is not often common with African fashion and most other fashion in general. The brothers and their team describe themselves as “dreamers, doers and catalysts born of integrity and originality, dedicated to positive change. a coalition of social-minded innovators determined to give kids the tools they need to succeed.”  Their desire to “unlock the unlimited potential of a kid’s imagination so they can empower themselves to create their own path” is amazing coupled with the goal to “harness the raw confidence of their Artwork into every aspect of our lives.” Simply put, Umano and their team are change-makers who simply care.

Because every African Fashion brand is unique, a personal mission statement is key as it will reflect your uniqueness, both in content and form, in the same way it has set Umano Clothing apart from every other brand making and selling t-shirts. So with African fashion, what is you mission statement, what do you want to be (your character) and to do (your contribution and achievement) and what values or principles  do you use as a guide with your brand. People can’t contribute meaningfully to African fashion if they don’t know themselves or what they are about or what they value. Once you have a mission statement, the essence of why you even exist will begin to make sense not just for your but for your customers as well. Your mission statement, like for Umano Clothing, will give you a sense of direction from which you will then be able to set your long and short-term goals.

 Let me close out with this piece of advice from one of the brother, Alex, the founder of Umano: “if you want it bad enough people will be there to help you. our Artists, our parents, our teachers, our team, our advisors, countless people went out of their way to give us a chance…there’s so much fuel for the fire, and the only option is to make it work. there’s no secret sauce, we just really want to grow this thing into a big movement so we can make a big impact empowering kids. that’s really how we’ve gotten to where we are.” I will also add that their mission, is the engine that will ultimately propel Umano to new height.
 Image credit: Umano Clothing

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