A heart full of thanksgiving at Isiomastyle

It is thanksgiving day, a day to be truly thankful for all your blessings and just life in general. I would like to thank God for everything that I am and that I do and I would like to thank my family for their love and most of all their patience with me through this journey of discovery for me. I started this blog because I wanted representation of women or people that looked like me. But it was never my intent to take what I do hear seriously because of my obligations with my family and my main career. But 2015 became the year that I found my voice as it is all starting to make sense now. I never knew that I could mix the my first career in health and my love for fashion together until 2015. See this thing with me and fashion started a long, long time ago and I have started and stopped so many fashion ideas outside of my career in health, but this blog seems to be the only one that remains. In the summer of 2007, I started a jewelry label with my best friend called “BLB Jewelry” or “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed” Jewelry. We meant every single word too. We were young, we were hip and we were going to make a fortune with our ideas in jewelry making. Even got a beautiful pink and black business card to go with me and travelled to Henri Bendel with a sample that we believed that they would love and sell in their stores. Let’s just say that we were not successful, but I will never forget what you did for me Ms. Tee.  The Fall of 2007, was the start of something truly special, down right to our very beautiful photo shoot with you and me as models. I loved what we did with BLB Jewelry. But like many of my other fashion ideas, I had to put it in the back seat to focus on my doctoral degree. Jewelry making and PhD just did not go hand in hand at that time. So of course, PhD won. Eight years later, I choose to revisit this journey because I am so thankful for that experience. I am thankful to my best friend for supporting that vision and to her mom for allowing me to use her home for my first venture into the world of jewelry making.

In 2016, that dream or idea once nurtured with BLB Jewelry will come to fruition, but this time through a knowledge-driven process that would impact the lives of so many girls and young women in Africa and I cannot stop thanking all the people in advance that will make this idea come to pass. It’s all in my head for now and I will enter the new year putting it all together, but I already feel victorious. See, I am a firm believer in the idea that God alone knows the plans he has for his children, plans to make us succeed beyond our wildest dreams. My life is a living witness to the glory of God. I am thankful today because of the dreams God continues to allow me to dream. My dreams scare me and I remain in awe of what God keeps planting in my heart. But he his God and I know with him all things are possible. So as 2015 comes to an end, as we celebrate this glorious day of Thanksgiving, as we marvel at the way God has blessed us all in 2015, know that my heart if full of gratitude to everyone I love. My soul is singing a song of thanksgiving and it’s to the many people who have helped me to become the woman, the wife, mother, sister, teacher and friend that I am today. I know that I may not show it at times, but in my heart, all of you reign supreme and my love for you knows no limit. In 2016, I will be better. But I end 2015 saying thank you to everyone of you. especially to you Ms. Tessiepoo for helping me launch BLB Jewlery. They say the best is yet to come. I am a living witness to that saying as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

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