Black is Beautiful: See African High Fashion Models-This Week on Instagram

It is been a while since I wrote about African High Fashion Models. See in the past, at least once a week, I would write about the African models currently making waves in the global fashion industry. Why, because no one writes about them, not their lives, not their stories, heck not even their captivating photos on instagram. These women are black and beautiful and representing Africa to the fullest on runways and magazine editorials. They are sources of inspiration for that young girl in Sudan who aspires to walk the runways of Marc Jacob in New York one day, or that young boy in Nigeria who would love to be the star of Men’s Fashion Week and they are all black and beautiful and worthy of praises now and always hence this post. Since, no one is writing, I figured I would, if not for anything to at least let those young girls and boys know that they too can dream big and hopefully one day, they will inspire others to follow their dreams. So without further ado, here are some pictures of African fashion models, this week on instagram.

  1. I love Leila Nda’s simplicity always and this picture of this lawyer in the making is a sure proof that life is what you make of it, be it as a model or a lawyer.
  2. Then there is the gorgeous smile of Ajak Deng with her effortless natural look that wins all the time, another proof of why black is always beautiful.
  3. If the post from yesterday was any indication, Grace Bol is one African fashion model that looks stunning in anything even in street style photos from Paris. Love, love her look, another proof that black is always flawless
  4. Then there is always Imaan whose beauty is beyond words, plus proof that black is majestic in all its glory.
  5. While we are on the word majestic, of course it leads us to the gorgeous Nykhor, with this image she posted from Vogue Germany, which by the way is proof that black is forever inspiring. See the caption with the post by Nykhor that illustrates this what I mean: “Started from my village wearing nothing but beads on my waist to wearing left over western clothes in my refugee camps, to now rocking high fashion clothes on international magazines. Village girl transformation Blue Black Nilotic invasion, German Vogue.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
  6. I conclude with Fatima Said whose looks always is proof that black is perfect, now and always. Plus that smile is sooo perfect.

Credit: Instagram

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