Happy 2016 to African Fashion and Beyond

Hello everyone and by now I am sure that 2016 is off to a great start. Let me take the time to thank everyone that helped make ISR great in 2015. I am totally thankful for all your likes, all your comments, and even just the idea of stopping by. I look forward to a prosperous 2016. Lord knows that my plans for this site are beyond me and I would only ask for your patience as we take the journey together into 2016. By the way I have been out of the country for a much needed and long overdue vacation with my family and as I write this post, I am reminded as to why it is necessary to take a break from everything. It matters not just for your overall health and well being, but also for thinking or making plans for your future. See I went to a place that allowed me to reflect as well as appreciate that this thing called life is something that we should cherish every moment of. I went to a place that allowed me wake up everyday reflecting on the privilege life I have in the US. It is a privilege and a tremendous one to have clean running water to drink and take your bath with every day. It is a privilege to even have light or even a washing machine to wash your clothes. These are things we take for granted in the US and my visit to Nimo Village in Nigeria allowed me to reflect on why it is necessary to live each day to the fullest in the land of opportunity. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Devil Wears Prada and because of the line “a million people would kill to have this opportunity.” I want to believe that a million people will do anything to have access to clean water or electricity and if you are among those that have access to both, well you are among the lucky people on planet earth.

This is how my 2016 has started thus far. I have no resolutions for this site, except to say that I look forward to write more opinion pieces about how I feel about African Fashion. I will do my best to consistently portray written pieces that honest, relevant and sincere. I do not want to bring any brand or anyone down and so I respect that disagreements that people may have from time to time. My goal is to remain the one true site dedicated to celebrating that which we all love about African Fashion, one post at a time. I also intend to merge my 2 loves, health and fashion for a better Africa in 2016, though you would have to be patient with me on this. I want to take the opportunity to wish  a Happy 2016 to African Fashion and assure you that you can always count on us to remain the voice of African fashion in 2016.

Happy New Year

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Isioma's Style Report is an online platform dedicated to providing high end content for African women that includes fashion, beauty, culture, people, news, career, and travel. We aim to take an intelligent approach to cover a broad range of issues African women face in their personal and professional lives.

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