Don’t throw your African fashion idea away. It can bring you fortune in 2016

Happy Monday. I am sure that if you are like me you have probably dreamed of starting that African fashion business idea of yours that you know will thrive in due time. You may have also dreamed that it can bring you fortune as well. Well if you are like me and you started but are not yet successful, in 2016, I am here to share that you should not throw that idea away just yet. Believe me, it can still bring you that fortune you have dreamed about. If you don’t believe me, what do Amazon, Dell Computer, Home Depot, Airbnb, and Uber have in common? They all started with a “dumb” idea or an idea that people never expected will be as successful as they are today.Isiomastyle-statement-piece Isiomastyle-statement-piece-2

With African fashion, it is important to note that often times, your ideas serve non-conventional markets, where your potential customers are less obvious. I am here to share that it’s okay. See these non-conventional markets are usually emerging markets, which  aren’t yet crowded with many participants. This means that it isn’t difficult to beat the competition, once properly addressed. Besides, emerging markets are fast growing markets, leaving plenty of room for amassing a fortune in due time.

For example, as 2015 was coming to an end, I had this grand idea of starting a handmade jewelry company. I love beaded jewelry, but not the conventional types we see all over Nigeria or Africa. I am all for creating iconic pieces that are elegant, and supremely wearable. My collection includes statement pieces that will make the neckline of any woman look chic given our attention to detail, luxurious beads and impeccable craftmanship. My biggest challenge isn’t the idea. It is me. I have already given up so many times that I don’t except this idea to be a success. I even enlisted people that I believed would push me to take me idea to the next level and still nothing.

But in 2016, I have made a promise to myself to not give up on myself just yet. I know that it’s in me. What I need to do is take the jewelry to another level and honestly speaking, that is the hardest part. So I will be taking baby steps in 2016, with the following philosophy in mind; “Keep my customers happy.” I believe that if I can make gorgeous necklaces that will keep my customers happy, then they will be my customers for life. I already create with them in mind, and so it’s only right that the finished product is intended to make them happy always.

So come along with me on this journey in 2016. What’s your fashion idea and why do you think you are have difficulties being successful? Don’t throw that African fashion idea you may have yet. Let’s challenge each and work together to make African fashion thrive. I am so green to starting and running a business, so any help I can get will always be so appreciated.


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