Day 3: Why African Fashion Needs Risk-takers

Day 3: Why African Fashion Needs Risk-takers

I have a great fear of heights. I am the last person on earth I think that would willfully get on a roller coaster whether it’s the demon drop or anything else for that matter. This fear is key in why I would never live in any one of those high-rise apartments you find in major cities. I share all this to say, that despite this fear, I am still not afraid to take risks, even if it’s with something that I truly abhor. For African Fashion to succeed in 2016 and beyond, we need people who are not afraid to take risks. The attached cover picture from Canoe Magazine being a great example. Here is why.

To try to eliminate risk with African Fashion, even the attempt to minimize them is unwise and can only result in the greatest risk of all: a static future. Risk is the nature of business whether it is with your commitment of present resources that are so scarce or your future expectations that are so not certain in this volatile industry. But your progress with your African fashion journey will be defined by your ability to take greater risks.

Of course taking the right risk is essential. Just because everyone is presenting at a fashion show does not mean you should scrape all your last pennies or kobos or nairas to try to do so yourself. I’ll rather you take greater risks by providing an alternative way to show your collection, like through social media for example during the ongoing fashion show, or in a setting with the right ambiance that makes sense for you.

All this may sound like something many of you are familiar with already. Yet, in African Fashion, with the exception of few notable designers, there are no risk takers. Risk in inherent in any endeavor with African fashion and for the future we want, we need more people that are willing to take risks even if it entails doing that which they abhor so as to be successful.

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