Day 6: Becoming visionary leaders in African Fashion

Day 6: Becoming visionary leaders in African Fashion

If you want to be successful, I mean truly successful with African Fashion, then you must learn to become a visionary leader. Visionary leaders in general are on a league of their own, like Martin Luther King who inspired hope during the Civil Rights Era or Obama and his presidency they past 7 years. Visionary leaders pick up early signals of change and they consider, innovative and disruptive ideas that will keep you on your toes. African Fashion desperately seeks these leaders for the future we want. We are in need of leaders with a radical vision that are not rooted in today’s reality. Yes, the future is so uncertain with fashion from Africa. Yes, we have not yet found ourselves in the global fashion industry. That’s okay. Visionary leaders are essentially open-minded people that are not limited by the past or a narrow outlook for the future we want. I am remind by a quote my professor once shared with me, that “if your dreams do not scare you, then you are not living.” That’s what we want. This is exactly what I am talking about. African Fashion needs visionary leaders with dreams that are so insurmountable that it will really take divine help from above to bring it to fruition. What sets them after from the rest is that they bring that radical idea to fruition.

I will close with the following quote by Julie Bort over at Business Insider:

“Anyone can come up with one good idea. Visionaries come up with big ideas over and over again. Now, here’s a secret: Anyone can learn to be a visionary!”

The picture above is one visionary African woman that I admire. This image alone speaks volumes…

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