Day 7:Making African Fashion Indispensable

Day 7:Making African Fashion Indispensable

Today almost did not happen. Through no fault of my own. I was extremely busy with my other work obligations that the past 12 hours seems like a blur. But I must and will preserve, even if it for few short lines. So for Day 7, if you want to succeed with African Fashion, being indispensable is key. Start by identifying your strengths: What are you good at besides fashion? List all your strengths, then choose one or two of them to focus on. For me, I love to write, hence my blog. I initially started by following the crowd to share fashions news that were trending, but now, in praise of slow fashion, I deliberately focus on things that inspire me. African Fashion designers can become exceptional leaders in the field by developing just a few of their strengths to the highest levels. What makes African Fashion designers indispensable is not being good at many things, instead it is about being uniquely outstanding at few things.

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