Quote of the day: “With African Fashion, there are no shortcuts”

“We are all born thinking like entrepreneurs. Families and friends often encourage us not to be. But true entrepreneurs keep figuring it out. In business, particularly for any African brand out there, there are no shortcuts. That’s it. You cannot expect to be in business and be successful if you are not determined to put in the hard work. Furthermore, unless, you have goals set, you truly do not know what you are doing and quite frankly, you will fail over and over again. You also need to come up with a business formular that makes sense for you and your business and work hard on it. Finally, and this is probably the hardest, you have to learn how to quit when it not working as expected.”

These are the words shared by Daymond Jones, the Shark Tank business extraordinaire who once propelled his brand, FUBU to great heights. I completely agree with Daymond, and will add that African brands need to be competitive as well. It is a matter of sales earned, and yes, by any legal means necessary. While there are no shortcuts with African Fashion, there is also the need to be competitive. Unless, resolute coordinated action is taken soon, African Fashion will not excel great heights in the manner we all know that it can. Here is to those who are out there working to make African Fashion improve its capability and to increase its leadership in the global fashion industry. We salute you this glorious Monday. Have a great week ahead.


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Isioma's Style Report is an online platform dedicated to providing high end content for African women that includes fashion, beauty, culture, people, news, career, and travel. We aim to take an intelligent approach to cover a broad range of issues African women face in their personal and professional lives.

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