Restoring the dignity of Nigerian Fashion

I am truly blessed. No, it’s because I now live in the land of opportunities, but because I was born and raised in Nigeria. The Nigeria I grew up in, is and will always remain a land of dignity. Sure, we are not as blessed as some other countries, but we are blessed in other ways, like in our cultural values and our sense of style. I grew up valuing my heritage, my language, my food, and most especially my clothes. Being in the global fashion industry isn’t an easy task, with their fashion weeks in cities that matter to them and them only. Also, the truth is that most Nigerian fashion brands will fail, with the ones with the customers, cash and a promising business model. But what will remain is the essence of the brand, the dignity with which the brand works hard to portray that which we all love about our sense of style in Nigeria.


With the start of a new month, I am long for a globalized world, where the dignity of our sense of fashion and style is praised. We may not make our fashion with silk or lace from Paris, but our Aso-Oke or Adire made by the hands of those who value our way of life, is just as significant. None of the approaches we will take with restoring the dignity of our fashion may guarantee survival. But they just may increase our odds of success. The enduring value of our Nigerian fashion and style begins with the spirit of confidence which penetrates most especially on the glorious day of a Nigerian bride. The dignity of the Nigerian fashion and style is our manifesto here at If they will not exalt it, we will do so ourselves, in a manner that would be utterly divine and so worthy of praises. Welcome to the Isiomastyle Report.

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