The power of positive thinking with African Fashion

Most people have a pessimistic outlook on what African Fashion entails. I hope I can convince you about the importance of positive thinking with African Fashion. To be clear, African Fashion is diverse. We are not a monolithic group and different opinions, perceptions, and even cultural viewpoints combine to form what many know as fashion from the continent of Africa. Of course there are areas in need for improvement, and more people to help propel African Fashion to new heights. What if we take a different approach with African Fashion. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, what if we start looking at the positives. I think its time for African Fashion to subtly influence the way people view us.

I must admit, that I for one, in the past focused on what is wrong with African Fashion. Human nature I suppose. But times have changed and with that comes the need to begin to focus on what we are doing right. I think people just may be happier with African Fashion is we focus on the positive, like how Zuvaa marketplace is drastically changing how we shop for African Fashion, or the way Kekebeads from South Africa adorns you with beads destined to make you look and feel regal. So focusing on the positive aspects of African Fashion may make our fashion more accessible in the future and help to enhance people’s perceptions of what it means to buy fashion made in Africa or fashion with an African worldview.

So in 2017, our goal is to start anew by complimenting what I like about African Fashion so that you too my like what I compliment. I view this as one way of building relationships in 2017. Of course some may argue that if we focus on only the positive, how can we identify what’s wrong with African Fashion. My stance is simple. Of course there will be areas in need for improvement. The same hold true for any other entity besides African Fashion. I will point out those areas when they arise. But in 2017, it time we let African Fashion be and try something new. Positive thinking with African Fashion just might help to elevate our style to new heights. Aamito Lagum’s picture with the clouds in the sky is my outlook for positive thinking with African Fashion.

Positive Thinking with African Fashion
Positive Thinking with African Fashion

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