How to nourish your skin with African Kalahari Desert Salts

The Kalahari Desert is known for its magnificent salt. It is harvested from an area that has never been inhabited or used for industry. In the pristine Kalahari Desert of South Africa, three underground streams converge on a layer of pure salt deposits untouched by man. The pure water dissolves the salt and creates a brine solution that is then gently dried by the desert Sun. What remains are the pure, mineral rich crystals of Kalahari Desert Salt. Far from any trace of air or water pollution at the time the salt is formed, Kalahari Desert salt is often described as “a natural, unadulterated salt, produced free of harmful substances and environmental influences.” With the salt being as old as 280-300 million years old, it is also described as one of the oldest and most original earth salts.

African Botanics has a Kalahari Desert De-Tox Salt that is simply decadent and perfect for the end of any stressful day. It is made from large-grain Kalahari Desert Salt and enriched with Marula Oil (read about Marula Oil here), detoxing Seaweed, Buchu Leaves and other botanicals to re-hydrate, condition and stimulate circulation. This soothing product is also fragranced with Juniper Berry and citrusy Lemongrass for the perfect rejuvenating scent.

Here is how they describe the salt: This exquisite blend combines pure, mineral-rich salt from the Kalahari desert, sun-dried and harvested from a dry, ancient underground lake once fed by subterranean streams and laid to rest on a saltpan deposit. The magnificent aroma of our unique botanicals sourced from The Cape Floristic Region, located near the southern tip of Africa will help boost circulation and assist with the removal of toxins while drawing out impurities to leave your skin feeling soft and fully regenerated. Formulated to help balance the pH levels, re-mineralize the body, cleanse, aid in relaxation as well as dissolve muscular tension and stress while softening the skin and uplifting the mind.

You can purchase your own here.

Have a great day.


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