Model Olivia Anakwe is a modern muse to know, plus she is Nigerian

I love when I come across new models. I especially love when I recognize that they maybe from a continent I love. So, allow me to introduce New York Model, Olivia Anakwe, who is also a modern muse to know. The featured image of her described her look as taking minimal dressing to the next level with monochromatic looks that channel beauty inside and out. I would add that this description aptly describes Oliva herself inside and out. With the bulk of the fashion industry’s attention often focused on international fashion hubs like London or Paris, for the next trending model, it is always great to see representation from unlikely places, like Nigeria and it’s never ending wealth of talent. Olivia looks unearths the very best that Africa in general and Nigeria to be specific has to offer to the modeling industry. With the sky being only the limit for Olivia, I am sure that her potential will soon be known by the world. See stellar images on why I hope she becomes a future star of the globe fashion industry. Continue reading Model Olivia Anakwe is a modern muse to know, plus she is Nigerian

Black is Beautiful: See African High Fashion Models-This Week on Instagram

It is been a while since I wrote about African High Fashion Models. See in the past, at least once a week, I would write about the African models currently making waves in the global fashion industry. Why, because no one writes about them, not their lives, not their stories, heck not even their captivating photos on instagram. These women are black and beautiful and representing Africa to the fullest on runways and magazine editorials. They are sources of inspiration for that young girl in Sudan who aspires to walk the runways of Marc Jacob in New York one day, or that young boy in Nigeria who would love to be the star of Men’s Fashion Week and they are all black and beautiful and worthy of praises now and always hence this post. Continue reading Black is Beautiful: See African High Fashion Models-This Week on Instagram

Liya Kebede for De Beer’s Campaign for Women for Women International

Culled from Instyle Magazine, Read an except about Liya Kebede’s photo shoot for De Beer’s Campaign for Women for Women International.

When Liya Kebede was approached to star in diamond jeweler De Beers’s”Moments in Light” campaign, the model and designer didn’t have to think twice. Photographed by Mary McCartney, the celebrity portraits in the campaign are auctioned off with proceeds benefiting Women for Women International, an organization that provides aid to women in war and post-war countries. For Kebede, the decision to partake was a no-brainer. “I immediately wanted to be a part of the campaign once I learned about the amazing work that Women for Women is doing around the globe,” Kebede told InStyle. “It’s so wonderful that the organization gives women around the world the tools and skills they need to become independent and self-sufficient.” Continue reading Liya Kebede for De Beer’s Campaign for Women for Women International

Iman for Schon Magazine

No Words, she is an icon. Absolutely love these images of Iman for Schon Magazine. Happy Sunday. Continue reading Iman for Schon Magazine

This picture of Aamito Lagum is firece

 Africa’s next top model talks Ugandan views on modelling, skipping law school to take on the fashion world, and coming out on top. Raised by a single mum in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, where modelling was not considered an all that admirable profession, Aamito Lagum’s future wasn’t set to be one in the dreamy, faraway world of fashion. That all changed when her mum unwillingly (she’d rather Aamito became a lawyer) gave her the transport fare to Nairobi, where the casting for the first season of Africa’s Next Top Model was taking place. The show was hosted by Nigerian model and previous i-D cover star Oluchi Onweagba and Aamito 100% came out on top, winning the contest out of twelve girls. Continue reading This picture of Aamito Lagum is firece

Is NYFW becoming more diverse?

There are more black models on NYFW this season which begs the question posed: Is NYFW becoming more diverse? Janelle Okwodu of Vogue thinks so and has the follow to say: “Industry activists have been lobbying for the inclusion of catwalkers from varied backgrounds, and it would seem that’s increasingly becoming the case: This season has found several designers and casting directors utilizing established models of color or introducing their audiences to promising new faces, Continue reading Is NYFW becoming more diverse?

Leila Nda at New York Fashion Week

I am sure that you know that New York Fashion Week is in full force and there are so many African models making Africa proud. My favorite, Leila Nda. She is so beautiful and brilliant too (a future lawyer in the making). Here are some photos of her during the on-going fashion week that are stunning and worthy of a post all by itself. This woman always looks like a tower of strength and beauty. See for yourself when you Continue reading Leila Nda at New York Fashion Week