Meet Okapi-The Made in Africa Bag to Own

I am in love with Okapi. 100% of their bags are made and sourced in South Africa, making Okapi the first authentic African luxury brand. It was founded by South African painter Hanneli Rupert in 2008. She wanted to create a locally produced range of products that would combine exceptional quality and craftsmanship with an international yet uniquely African look and feel. Okapi is named after the elusive antelope otherwise know as the “African Unicorn.” Continue reading Meet Okapi-The Made in Africa Bag to Own

In South Africa, Fashion is Freedom

In South Africa, Refinery has a post published yesterday that suggests that Fashion is Freedom. I though I would share it here with you well, because it’s Sunday and anything goes on the day of the lord. Happy Sunday and I hope you have a blessed day.

From Refinery
For a new generation of young people in South Africa, fashion is freedom. When photographer Chris Saunders attended South Africa Fashion Week almost a decade ago, he noticed “this incredibly well-dressed, loud group of guys” outside the shows. Curious, he decided to say hello and struck up a conversation with the men. Fortuitously, a friend of his had wanted to interview them for a magazine. Together, they went to Rockville, Soweto, and snapped what would be the first of many shoots of the Smarteez. Continue reading In South Africa, Fashion is Freedom

Akedo: A South African Designer to Love

Refinery 29 has a list (here) of South African designers to love and my favorite is Akedo. Here is why below:

Akedo: “Eleni [Labrou, Akedo’s founder] is really exciting because she’s redefining the way people look at African design. Continue reading Akedo: A South African Designer to Love