The momemt BuzzFeed failed Lagos Street Style

By now, you must all know that I love our sense of fashion and though I have been silent for a long, long time (it’s my other job ooh, the one that pays the bills), I was so happy when the very popular buzzfeed took on streetstyle from Lagos. It came by the way of Bimi Adewummi, a BuzzFeed Staff with the following caption “These gorgeous photos prove that Lagos street style is the best.” The very fact that word “Lagos” was used alongside “street style” were the source of my excitement.

But then it all went downhill when you see the actual pictures she displayed. Take a look for yourself here. All I kept saying to myself I hope there is more, there will be more, there has to be more, wow, this is it. Only one picture stood out in all she featured, and it’s the one she described as the “striking woman in the striking dress.” Even her description was as bland as the writeup itself. I mean if you are going to write about Lagos Street Style, you don’t describe style as “the churchgoer.” Have you ever seen street style  photos from Paris or New York with the crazy descriptors such as this one Bimi used “the starspangled woman turning heads on the street.” Why even bother, if you would not use your BuzzFeed platform well to elevate Lagos style in a critically conscious manner in the first place. I wanted to be remain as happy as I was when I first saw your title, but Bimi, maybe stick to the other things you do well over at Buzzfeed and leave Lagos Street Style to those who truly know what they are doing.

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The Best Street Style Accessories at Paris Haute Couture

I live for street style in Paris, especially street style during fashion week with the Paris Haute Couture being my absolute favorite.  While the runway shows may be the most luxurious place to be, but as a former resident of Paris, I would have to say that the streets during this period are where all the glamor begins.
Just simply stand outside any show (yes, go ahead and stand, it’s ok) and you will see why. It’s all about chic, chic, style, that are effortlessly beautiful, the type made for a feature in any Vogue Magazine, in fact, you would think the ladies in attendance were all posing for Vogue as they truly put their best fashion-foot forward. Case in point this ruffle black dress on Anna Dello Russo (can you say divine) or this gorgeous red number on Caroline Issa (beautiful).
Caroline Issa

Again, I truly adore all the fashion on display, but my all time favorites are the accessories and in my opinion, they truly deserve a round of applause, #praises indeed. I can never get enough of the purses or jewelry, but the shoes, OMG, are totally badass, the stuff made for Paris Haute Couture Heaven, totally lust-worthy indeed!!! There were couture sneakers, yes sneakers, and heels that are to die for. See why, honestly, these are the best street style accessories at Paris Haute Couture!!!
Street-Style- Accessories-at-Paris-Haute-Couture

Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-f street-style-paris-haute-couture-f Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-e Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-a Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-b Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-c Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-d
street-style-paris-haute-couture-b street-style-paris-haute-couture Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture-h Street-Style- Accessories-Paris-Haute-Couture

Source: The Cut

Color Mood: Head to Toe Red for a wedding this Summer

Happy Thursday and I wish you a blissful day. For this summer, I am totally in love with the color red and it is because I will be attending my cousin’s wedding this summer and her colors are #allthingsred. In the past I would shy away from red because of all the negative bad belle naija connotations attached to the color. Some say it for loose women, other’s describe it as the color of the devil and so it’s no wonder that most African women shy from that color. But lately, things have changed to the point where it is even worn as an asoebi at weddings (case in point, see the red velvet and silver combo and tell me you don’t love the color red). So as always, i am taking my time to browse through all the shopping sites and instagram feeds for stylish outfits to fit my head to toe red color mood. See some of theones I love so far  !!! red-style


red-purse red heels 00260big_320x480 00630h_320x480 red-heelsred-asoebistyle

Street Style Look of the Week

I absolutely adore this week’s street style look by Shionia Turini, Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Market Director. She is photographed wearing a long-sleeve camouflage shirt with a leather knee-length pencil skirt by Balenciaga that truly gives a modern take on on office attire.

Source: WhoWhatWear

Paris Street Style: The best in accessories at Paris Fashion Week F/W 14

Paris Street Style is often on a league of it’s own with chic fashionistas strolling around with lust worthy accessories that would make any woman cringe with envy. This Fall/Winter 14 fashion is no different from the rest, with the exception of course to new accessories that deserve their very own blogpost. So, here are the best in Paris Street Style, the best in accessories that were on display the Paris Fashion Week F/W 14.
Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-2 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-3 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-4 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-5 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-6 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-7 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-8 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-9 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-10 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-11 Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-13Paris-Street-Style-Fall-Fashion-14-Accessories-Edition-12
Source: The Cut, Who What Wear and

Street Style Shoes at Fall/Winter 14

With Fall/Winter fashion week finally in Paris, I wanted to spend some time to take a look at all the shoes on display by fashionistas attending all the fashion shows thus far. They are of different varieties with unique statement shoes worn by some, questionable heels worn by others and just plain lust-worthy shoes worn by others. See some of the street style shoes I adore at the fall/winter 14 fashion shows.
shoes street style street-style-shoes street-style-shoes-2 street-style-shoes-3 shoes-milan-fashion-week-4

Street Style Snap Shot: Ajak Deng, Fatima Siad and Nykhor Paul at NYFW F/W14

New York Fashion Week may have ended, but there are still so many snapshots of African High Fashion Models to show. I absolutely adore this street style snapshots of Ajak Deng, Fatima Siad, and Nykhor Paul at NYFW, F/W 14.
Fall_2014_Models_fatima-ajak-nykor Fall_2014_Models_fatima-ajak-2 Fall_2014_Models_fatima-ajak