This beast called fashion with implications for African Fashion

Have you seen the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” In it, Gaston, once wonderfully handsome and muscled, is made utterly ridiculous in the beginning as he examines himself in every mirror he passes. Beast in the end, wins beauty’s love not through his looks, but his gentle awkwardness, his eagerness to please her and his distaste for violence. This movie draws attention to how people’s values or behaviors or even appearance can be interpreted by others. It’s significance also lies in its ability to redefine the terms governing beauty. It is this redefinition that precisely will propel African Fashion forward to new heights. Continue reading This beast called fashion with implications for African Fashion

Day 14:Making African Fashion More Resilient

Happy International Women’s Day and here is to all the women out there, you days be memorable, your nights be pleasurable and your dreams be attainable always…

In honor of this grand day, my hope for the future of African Fashion is resilience.

Resilience, they say is when a person, a thing, or even an object defies the odds and show positive outcomes, despite enduring adversity. It is a measure of an individual’s strength and an end product of buffering processes that do not eliminate risks and stress in people’s lives, but allows individuals to deal with these challenges effectively. Being an African Fashion Brand isn’t easy. Sure, there are great success stories like Lisa Folawiyo of Nigeria being selected as the top 500 influencers of Fashion globally, or how Zuvaa marketplace is making African Fashion seem very accessible. The list though is not very long though . Which leads me to ask the following questions: how do African Fashion brands cope with adversity? Are there any protective factors that may mitigate the effects of these adversity? What, if any role, does the community, individuals, you, me, play in shaping resilient African fashion brands?

Granted, most African Fashion brands will fail numerous times before they become household names. In many cases, majority can’t scale, despite an impressive showing at the latest African Fashion Week in their home towns, and our people, myself included, just simply have a hard time patronizing some fashion brands, and it is  due to issues such as accessibility, clean tailoring etc. No approach you  take with African fashion will guarantee success, hence the need to explore why some, despite the numerous challenges they face, defy the odds as we know it. It is my hope that as we begin to build the future we want for African Fashion, we can would also explore the role resilience plays.


Why failure is the key to success with African Fashion

Happy New Month. Have your ever failed with African fashion? You are not alone. I love the idea of failing because it makes you better prepared for the future. Sure no one plans to fail and I am sure that it hurts more than you can imagine. But I also want to believe that it will only make you strong in the end. Personally, I welcome the idea of learning from failure, but to do so with African fashion, it is important to truly debate the idea of failure so that we do not ignore the more fundamental questions as to why or how failure is important for a successful business in African fashion. Thus, here are my top three reasons why learning from failure is the key to success with African fashion:

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What African Fashion Can Learn from “Adele’s 25” success?

By now, I am sure that you may have heard the groundbreaking music “Hello” by Adele that has gone viral even with sketches by Saturday Night Life and one or two text message pranks from people you know. If the sales of her record breaking new “25” album are any indication, then it’s also more apt to say that there is no one in music right now quite like Adele. According to Ben Sisario of the New York Times, “while stars are now expected to live their lives in full self-promotion mode online, Adele barely touches her social media accounts. She is also revered by her fans for seeming approachable as well as for her vocal prowess. What’s even more, she is selling more albums, (yes we can still say albums), than anyone in the struggling music business thought was still possible… When official sales numbers are announced by Nielsen this Monday, they are expected to show that Adele’s new album, “25,” which went on sale Nov. 20, will have sold at least 3.2 million copies in the United States in its first week. That smashes an opening-week sales record that has stood since ’N Sync sold 2.4 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in 2000. ” So what then can African Fashion learn from Adele’s success?
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For Every Woman: Grey at the 2015 Lagos Fashion and Design Week

When Grey sent down their new collection at the ongoing Lagos Fashion and Design Week, I kept singing to myself, I’m every woman and it’s all about Grey…For me, a budding African fashion writer, the collection is on par with what is aesthetically divine about fashion and style from an African perspective. Whether you are working or going to church, Grey is for you. If you are simply a woman who loves style, Grey was totally made for you. There were feminine dresses in simple silhouettes that will dazzle the body of any woman, laser-cut silk pieces in a burst of citrus colors as well as laser-cut fringes at the bottom of an electric blue midi dress that were all spectacular to look at. Continue reading For Every Woman: Grey at the 2015 Lagos Fashion and Design Week

Ethiopian Beauty Liya Kebede for Grazia Magazine

Whether on the runway or in magazine editorials, Ethiopian beauty Liya Kebede knows how to deliver. Her beauty is truly mesmerizing and the latest editorial of her in Grazia magazine makes me proud that she represents Africa well. Modeling her Lem-Lem collection, she is strikingly beautiful as she continues to prove that flawless African genes and stellar business acumen are a killer combination. Defintely what Africa and African fashion needs right now.  See the images of Ethiopian Beauty Liya Kebede for Grazia Magazine below Continue reading Ethiopian Beauty Liya Kebede for Grazia Magazine

If I were in Paris Today, I would wear Pink

The fifth day of February is a special day for me because it’s the day one of my favorite people in the world, my dearest sister Rose celebrates her birthday. But then February is a special month as it is a month dedicated to love and what better place to fall in love than in the beautiful city of Paris.

Hello everyone and my sincere apologies with this blog. Blame it on life, work, family, etc. It was never, ever my desire to abandon you, but things got in the way and yes, ISR suffered a little, no, a lot. But I am slowly coming back, it’s honestly not easy to blog while being a wife and a mom and a career woman, but hey, will take this all one day at a time, so back to the post…

So if I were in the city of love, on this glorious 5th day of February, If I were going out to celebrate my sister’s birthday, I would wear pink. It is probably one of my favorite colors and everything pink truly lights up my day, My favorite online stores, and has a glorious assortment of beautiful pink clothing, shoes and accessories that would make any woman smile. Yes Roses are red, by Pink looks chic any day. Here are my favorites and if I were in Paris today, I would so wear them.

Sophia-Webster-Outnet be-mine GB-NET-A-PORTER gucci-aviators