African Fashion Does Not Need Aid.

Quote of the Day by Deola Sagoe: “We don’t need aid, we need partnerships. We cannot continue to be a beggar nation. I have always believed you shouldn’t give the man the fish, but teach the man how to fish and he will be able to take care of himself and others.”

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I have a dream, that one day African Fashion will…

So yesterday was a national public holiday in the U.S and it was in celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all he did to help pave the way for civil rights for African Americans in the U.S. As we reflect on the life and legacy of this great man, I am reminded of his “I Have a Dream” speech which was delivered in the summer of 1963 during the March on Washington, a rally for civil rights and against discrimination of African Americans in the US. About 250,000 people gathered on the National Mall to listen to him speak and more than 50 years later, the speech remains potent and moving and so applicable to the state of African Fashion today. Here are four reasons why I have a dream that one day, African Fashion will become as relevant as fashion from anywhere else…

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The Next Big Fashion Trend Is Made In Africa

By Jedannah Vieira for Huffington Post Style.

Buy something African.

Whether you’re a designer, a stockist, or a general fashion enthusiast, that’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ll hear this year. Africa is the next big fashion trend. Want proof?

How much do you buy from Africa?

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Happy 2016 to African Fashion and Beyond

Hello everyone and by now I am sure that 2016 is off to a great start. Let me take the time to thank everyone that helped make ISR great in 2015. I am totally thankful for all your likes, all your comments, and even just the idea of stopping by. I look forward to a prosperous 2016. Lord knows that my plans for this site are beyond me and I would only ask for your patience as we take the journey together into 2016. By the way I have been out of the country for a much needed and long overdue vacation with my family and as I write this post, I am reminded as to why it is necessary to take a break from everything. It matters not just for your overall health and well being, but also for thinking or making plans for your future. See I went to a place that allowed me to reflect as well as appreciate that this thing called life is something that we should cherish every moment of. I went to a place that allowed me wake up everyday reflecting on the privilege life I have in the US. It is a privilege and a tremendous one to have clean running water to drink and take your bath with every day. It is a privilege to even have light or even a washing machine to wash your clothes. These are things we take for granted in the US and my visit to Nimo Village in Nigeria allowed me to reflect on why it is necessary to live each day to the fullest in the land of opportunity. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Devil Wears Prada and because of the line “a million people would kill to have this opportunity.” I want to believe that a million people will do anything to have access to clean water or electricity and if you are among those that have access to both, well you are among the lucky people on planet earth.

This is how my 2016 has started thus far. I have no resolutions for this site, except to say that I look forward to write more opinion pieces about how I feel about African Fashion. I will do my best to consistently portray written pieces that honest, relevant and sincere. I do not want to bring any brand or anyone down and so I respect that disagreements that people may have from time to time. My goal is to remain the one true site dedicated to celebrating that which we all love about African Fashion, one post at a time. I also intend to merge my 2 loves, health and fashion for a better Africa in 2016, though you would have to be patient with me on this. I want to take the opportunity to wish  a Happy 2016 to African Fashion and assure you that you can always count on us to remain the voice of African fashion in 2016.

Happy New Year

To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

I have always wondered why people no matter how hard they try are just not successful in life, let alone in a specialized career in fashion and style from Africa. No matter who you are or where you come from, success is yours, but you will need to do three things to set yourself apart from the others. I am only focusing on three, although I believe that success is a journey that never stops until you take your last breath. Even at that, and depending on your situation, you can still succeed to live, if you follow these three simple principles. Ever task you take on with African fashion, has the power to jolt you down to your knees, but these three simple principles will allow you to rise back up no matter how many times you fall. Continue reading To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

A heart full of thanksgiving at Isiomastyle

It is thanksgiving day, a day to be truly thankful for all your blessings and just life in general. I would like to thank God for everything that I am and that I do and I would like to thank my family for their love and most of all their patience with me through this journey of discovery for me. I started this blog because I wanted representation of women or people that looked like me. But it was never my intent to take what I do hear seriously because of my obligations with my family and my main career. But 2015 became the year that I found my voice as it is all starting to make sense now. I never knew that I could mix the my first career in health and my love for fashion together until 2015. See this thing with me and fashion started a long, long time ago and I have started and stopped so many fashion ideas outside of my career in health, but this blog seems to be the only one that remains. In the summer of 2007, I started a jewelry label with my best friend called “BLB Jewelry” or “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed” Jewelry. We meant every single word too. Continue reading A heart full of thanksgiving at Isiomastyle

What’s your mission statement with African Fashion? Insights from Umano Clothing

Last Friday while watching one of my favorite shows ever “Shark Tank,” I came across the label Umano Clothing (see here). They are the inspiration for today’s post on “what’s your mission statement with African fashion.” For those who may have never heard of Umano (I didn’t know about them too, so no worries), it is basically a story of two brothers on a mission to mesh fashion and philanthropy, my two greatest goals in life, although mine given my first job would also include a third goal; health, fashion and philanthropy (more of this in 2016). Anyways, back to their story, they got the financial investment they were looking for by way of support from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner and reflecting back on their, I believe that it’s because of their mission with fashion which simply “is to empower kids to unleash their creativity. ” Continue reading What’s your mission statement with African Fashion? Insights from Umano Clothing