Africa in pictures

An exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, northern Spain, aims to show how a new generation of Africans are giving the world a fresh perspective on their continent. Making Africa brings together the work of 120 artists and designers. It includes Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop’s whose work focuses on the personalities who make up the booming cultural scene in his country. He works with his subjects, like artist Mame-Diarra Niang shown here, to bring out their personalities through the props and the pose. See image below
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Model Olivia Anakwe is a modern muse to know, plus she is Nigerian

I love when I come across new models. I especially love when I recognize that they maybe from a continent I love. So, allow me to introduce New York Model, Olivia Anakwe, who is also a modern muse to know. The featured image of her described her look as taking minimal dressing to the next level with monochromatic looks that channel beauty inside and out. I would add that this description aptly describes Oliva herself inside and out. With the bulk of the fashion industry’s attention often focused on international fashion hubs like London or Paris, for the next trending model, it is always great to see representation from unlikely places, like Nigeria and it’s never ending wealth of talent. Olivia looks unearths the very best that Africa in general and Nigeria to be specific has to offer to the modeling industry. With the sky being only the limit for Olivia, I am sure that her potential will soon be known by the world. See stellar images on why I hope she becomes a future star of the globe fashion industry. Continue reading Model Olivia Anakwe is a modern muse to know, plus she is Nigerian

Why African Beaded Jewelry Remains a Hit

Most African fashion accessories are instantly forgettable. There are exceptions-like our African gele, no matter how you tie it on your head. Likewise, our African beaded jewelry, which are very relevant to any African woman especially during her wedding day, are prevalent now than at any other point in time in the history of African fashion. But why is the beaded jewelry an instant African fashion hit. Frankly, I would like to believe that the way it curves the neck of a woman is a prime reason for it’s success. Also, it’s colors, I am forever impressed by the colors of some of these beads, alongside rich, lush gemstones that help to make the neck of a woman glimmer. But colors aside, maybe it’s the fact that it’s all handmade.  I can happily report that most beaded jewelry in Nigeria are handmade, one bead after the other. I want to believe that the tenacity and creativity of these beaded jewelry makers account to a large extent for the continued presence of many beaded jewelry and their evolving character. Continue reading Why African Beaded Jewelry Remains a Hit

To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

I have always wondered why people no matter how hard they try are just not successful in life, let alone in a specialized career in fashion and style from Africa. No matter who you are or where you come from, success is yours, but you will need to do three things to set yourself apart from the others. I am only focusing on three, although I believe that success is a journey that never stops until you take your last breath. Even at that, and depending on your situation, you can still succeed to live, if you follow these three simple principles. Ever task you take on with African fashion, has the power to jolt you down to your knees, but these three simple principles will allow you to rise back up no matter how many times you fall. Continue reading To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

What African Fashion Can Learn from “Adele’s 25” success?

By now, I am sure that you may have heard the groundbreaking music “Hello” by Adele that has gone viral even with sketches by Saturday Night Life and one or two text message pranks from people you know. If the sales of her record breaking new “25” album are any indication, then it’s also more apt to say that there is no one in music right now quite like Adele. According to Ben Sisario of the New York Times, “while stars are now expected to live their lives in full self-promotion mode online, Adele barely touches her social media accounts. She is also revered by her fans for seeming approachable as well as for her vocal prowess. What’s even more, she is selling more albums, (yes we can still say albums), than anyone in the struggling music business thought was still possible… When official sales numbers are announced by Nielsen this Monday, they are expected to show that Adele’s new album, “25,” which went on sale Nov. 20, will have sold at least 3.2 million copies in the United States in its first week. That smashes an opening-week sales record that has stood since ’N Sync sold 2.4 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in 2000. ” So what then can African Fashion learn from Adele’s success?
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Black is Beautiful: See African High Fashion Models-This Week on Instagram

It is been a while since I wrote about African High Fashion Models. See in the past, at least once a week, I would write about the African models currently making waves in the global fashion industry. Why, because no one writes about them, not their lives, not their stories, heck not even their captivating photos on instagram. These women are black and beautiful and representing Africa to the fullest on runways and magazine editorials. They are sources of inspiration for that young girl in Sudan who aspires to walk the runways of Marc Jacob in New York one day, or that young boy in Nigeria who would love to be the star of Men’s Fashion Week and they are all black and beautiful and worthy of praises now and always hence this post. Continue reading Black is Beautiful: See African High Fashion Models-This Week on Instagram

Grace Bol is Stunning As Always

I love Grace Bol and her beauty is flawless. Since this is flashback friday, we choose to revisit an editorial of Grace Bol that is truly worthy of praises. In 2012, Grace had a photo shoot for a magazine called New Bella. As the cover model of the magazine, the images of Grace Bol were simply stunning. I love the way her skin glowed and boy is her black beautiful. Grace Bol represents Africa to the fullest and every photo shoot of her for any magazine is a cause for celebration because it helps to put Africa on the map as a continent made up of people with beautiful, black, flawless skin. Our fashion may not be fully represented in the global fashion industry yet, but our women, like Grace Bol are. Until we claim our space, we can work hard to continue to support representation through other ways, one of which is modeling. Continue reading Grace Bol is Stunning As Always