What is African Fashion Anyways?

“When Louis Vuitton did a collection three years ago with Masaai fabric we jerked to attention. The crux being we had the fabric for as long as the mind can wander but we only pounced on its wonder when the West okayed it. That applies to African print too as worn by fashion-forward Gwen Stefani, earthy Solange and her superstar sister Beyonce.” By Carol Odero for Daily Nation

The most common question I get asked almost everyday is “What is African Fashion?” Continue reading What is African Fashion Anyways?

An Image of Africa Worth Revisiting for African Fashion

In 1978, Chinua Achebe wrote an essay entitled “An Image of Africa.” This essay was also published in “Hopes and Impediments,” one of my favorite books of all time written by Professor Achebe. In the year 2015, this essay is still worth revisiting and frankly because the opinions shared by Achebe still lives on till today. In the essay, Achebe critiqued Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, in which he projects the image of Africa as “the other world, the antithesis of Europe and therefore of civilization, a place where man’s vaunted intelligence and refinement are finally mocked by triumphant bestiality.” Continue reading An Image of Africa Worth Revisiting for African Fashion

Top 6 African Fashion Queens of the Week

It’s the weekend, the day dedicated to all the beautiful African Fashion Queens out there representing our culture in seriously stunning traditional attires. As always, I really love my Nigerian culture and in my bid to portray it positively, here are my African Fashion Queens of the Week, thanks to the Nigerian Wedding instagram feeds. These images are of authentic African women and yes we really have some strikingly beautiful brides in Nigeria. Continue reading Top 6 African Fashion Queens of the Week

Why I started supporting African Fashion

 I wrote this piece for African Luxury Magazine that I forgot to share.  Since I want to become the first self-proclaimed voice of African fashion it is only right that I share my reasons for supporting fashion and style from Africa. I hope you enjoy reading…

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How to encourage straight talk with African Fashion

If there is one industry that I think abhors straight talk is our fashion and style from Africa. No one tells the truth to shame the devil. I used the opening image with this beautiful lady and her piercing eyes to illustrate my point by looking straight at anyone who cares to hear. We need more straight talkers or opinions from people who really care about African fashion. Continue reading How to encourage straight talk with African Fashion

Meet Aurora James, the woman redefining “Made in Africa”

About two weeks ago, I wrote a post about how Aurora James of Brother Vellies is promoting Made in Africa. I came across a post about her on Racked and the truth is she is not just promoting Made in Africa, she is redefining what Made in Africa really means. Nevermind that Aurora herself is effortlessly cool, captivatingly interesting and the kind of woman that catches your eye with her cool composure, according Nicola Fumo who got a rare glimspe of her for Racked.com, to me, she is the epitome of fashion and style from Africa and the kicker is that she is not even from Africa. Yes, she does not carry fashion from Africa the same way others do and she is excelling better than others who think African fashion belongs to them and them only. Aurora James has managed to set up a planet-friendly supply chain in Africa while getting nominated for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Continue reading Meet Aurora James, the woman redefining “Made in Africa”

Would you buy or sell used African Fashion?

My question for the day, would you buy or sell used African fashion?  Not the type you see at bend down and select or tokumbo clothes, pants and dresses at usual spots out there. This question is for all those ankara’s or woodins, or lace, or velvet or whatever other material you may have in your closet that you are sure you will not wear any time soon. I know that you may have see some of bellanaija’s asoebi-bella edition (see here), I know people are not wearing these clothes twice, thanks now to social media. I also ask this question because, well it’s just something to think about giving all the asoebi’s that maybe lurking in your closet, you know the ones that cost you a arm and a leg, the one you know that you will never ever wear no matter what. The ones that you won’t mind selling if the price is right. Continue reading Would you buy or sell used African Fashion?