Is NYFW becoming more diverse?

There are more black models on NYFW this season which begs the question posed: Is NYFW becoming more diverse? Janelle Okwodu of Vogue thinks so and has the follow to say: “Industry activists have been lobbying for the inclusion of catwalkers from varied backgrounds, and it would seem that’s increasingly becoming the case: This season has found several designers and casting directors utilizing established models of color or introducing their audiences to promising new faces, Continue reading Is NYFW becoming more diverse?

See the Balmain Paris Ad that is causing an uproar on social media today (UPDATED)

It’s 2014 and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain Paris has decided to create an uproar all over social media with an ad that features a little bit of diversity, yep black models. Somehow mainstream media still think that it is such a big deal or #political, #revolutionary, #beingablackboyinareallyimportantfrenchhouse (imagine the #insult) to feature black models on their editorials so much so that we should applaud anyone that does so even if it is a “little slice of reality.” Case in point, this Balmain Paris Ad below…
You would think that in a post Obama world, heck post Lupita world we are so done discussing why black skin matters and should be equally featured alongside white skin or any other type of skin on ad campaigns. Personally, I am over it and I long for the days when ads are just ads with no political intentions as implied by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). I absolutely love you Olivier for featuring these models while showing “the beauty of different ethnicities” and I adore the comment by sadfo on WWD so much so that I had to share it with you all below as it personifies just how I feel:

sadfo: “It is truly sad and and sick to hear that in fashion in the year 2014 a real and beautiful multiracial slice of life ad Campaign is considered political and revolutionary …Bravo for Balmain and Rosteing and truly a big fuck you to the tired and tragic fashion cuLture and system”

Updated: See the rest of the ad just released by Balmain..