Don’t throw your African fashion idea away. It can bring you fortune in 2016

Happy Monday. I am sure that if you are like me you have probably dreamed of starting that African fashion business idea of yours that you know will thrive in due time. You may have also dreamed that it can bring you fortune as well. Well if you are like me and you started but are not yet successful, in 2016, I am here to share that you should not throw that idea away just yet. Believe me, it can still bring you that fortune you have dreamed about. If you don’t believe me, what do Amazon, Dell Computer, Home Depot, Airbnb, and Uber have in common? They all started with a “dumb” idea or an idea that people never expected will be as successful as they are today. Continue reading Don’t throw your African fashion idea away. It can bring you fortune in 2016

A heart full of thanksgiving at Isiomastyle

It is thanksgiving day, a day to be truly thankful for all your blessings and just life in general. I would like to thank God for everything that I am and that I do and I would like to thank my family for their love and most of all their patience with me through this journey of discovery for me. I started this blog because I wanted representation of women or people that looked like me. But it was never my intent to take what I do hear seriously because of my obligations with my family and my main career. But 2015 became the year that I found my voice as it is all starting to make sense now. I never knew that I could mix the my first career in health and my love for fashion together until 2015. See this thing with me and fashion started a long, long time ago and I have started and stopped so many fashion ideas outside of my career in health, but this blog seems to be the only one that remains. In the summer of 2007, I started a jewelry label with my best friend called “BLB Jewelry” or “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed” Jewelry. We meant every single word too. Continue reading A heart full of thanksgiving at Isiomastyle

Why African Fashion Should Adopt The Lean Startup Strategy.

How can we learn more quickly about what works in African Fashion so that we discard what doesn’t? Enter the Lean strategy as gleaned from the book by Eric Reis “The Lean Startup.” If you are ever going to work to disrupt African fashion as we know it, then you better be lean. The truth is that African fashion start-ups will have to be fast, embrace new thinking while being geared for disruption and innovation with periods of uncertainty. I have been there and back since starting this blog. My vision for is to become the voice of African Fashion. There are about I billion people in Africa and I believe that I can reach all of them by disrupting  African fashion in an innovative and creative way. The plan for this blog is to operate in the present with key lessons from the past. Why? Because all that outmoded form of business that may work for traditional brick and mortar store will not work for my vision, especially not with the way mobile phones are spreading like wildfire throughout the continent. Continue reading Why African Fashion Should Adopt The Lean Startup Strategy.