With African Fashion, The Future is Female

The head of very popular online marketplace for African Fashion, Zuvaa marketplace is a female, and so is the made in African brand, Brother Vellies who recently worn the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and the sole writer of isiomastylereport.com, the self-proclaimed voice of African fashion. Truly, with African fashion, the future is female. No offense to all the males out their working to put African fashion on the map. In fact I applaud what you are doing, like the head honcho of Kisua or the Ghanaian lead editor of W magazine, ( although some, myself included, may question your influence with African fashion in general, but that a post for another day). Nonetheless, women are changing the course of what African fashion is and can do in the future. Women are re-contextualizing African fashion in it’s own right like in the way Diana Opoti wore African labels only for 100 days. African fashion has taken a life of it’s own and rightfully so as our fashion is perhaps the most enchanting of them all. Continue reading With African Fashion, The Future is Female

My Vision 20/20 at Isiomastyle Report

Pardon my silence this past week. I was working on my vision 2020 for Isioma Style Report. I love what I do here, but if we are going to take this site to new heights, well, it will start with a vision. So yes, I took an entire week to work on my vision. It is simple really, its my tagline and something that I truly believe that I can do no matter how long it takes and here is why. Africa has over 1 billion people. No one and I mean know one speaks to the interests, whether its in fashion or design or eCommerce or even employment of Africa’s people as key partners in the global fashion industry. Isiomastyle is poised to do that and so much more by 2020. It will take a lot of hard work and sleepless night, but lords knows that I am well prepared to do so, thanks to the team of people I am working now to assemble. Continue reading My Vision 20/20 at Isiomastyle Report

Identity and Purpose: What is yours for African Fashion

Happy New Month. Here is to wishing everyone peace, love and harmony this new month of August. Identity and Purpose, what is yours and why does that matter for African fashion to succeed.

I thought I knew mine, in fact, I have rehearsed my purpose time and time again with every new version of my “About me” section which I always updated as my purpose became clear to me. Continue reading Identity and Purpose: What is yours for African Fashion

Imagine an African Fashion Luxury Bubble

I came across a post yesterday on racked.com on luxury fashion bubble. In the post, one youtube blogger bragged about the seven Fendi bags in her possession all totaling $5,000. To the blogger, each bag has it’s own personality and in her words “depending on how she feels, she usually gravitates to a certain one.” Now some may question if she is sane, given her description of handbags with personalities. Some may say, it’s all vanity, a waste of money that she should have spent on something meaningful, like an education or something of that nature. Some may even say if it makes her happy, what the heck, after all to each his own. Honestly, I don’t care if she spends $5,000 or $500,000 on a bag. What I am tapping into Continue reading Imagine an African Fashion Luxury Bubble

The Role of the African Fashion Buyer

I am just a writer of a style report on African Fashion, but what if I was an African Fashion Buyer for a luxury store like Bergdoff Goodman in New York or Harvey Nichols in Riyadh or for a magazine like Vogue, what would I buy? The role of the African Fashion Buyer is one  I think not many people have given any thought to because, well, simply put, African Fashion is till in its nascent stage. But what if there was an African Fashion Buyer, what would their role entail? Continue reading The Role of the African Fashion Buyer

5 Reasons why you should follow Buntricia Bastian on instagram

Black Women, Makeup, Gorgeous, Beauty, Beauty, and dare I say more Beauty. You will never see so much #Stunning, #Gorgeous, #Beautiful #Glowing Black Women unless you follow international makeup artist extraordinare, Buntricia Bastian on instagram.
At a time when black skin is currently being praised for it’s glow and beauty so much so that we are on the cover of Vogue (wohooo #weloveyouLupita), I figured I’ll keep it simple and provide 5 reasons (with lots of images of course) on why you should follow a woman who has been at the forefront of changing the world’s perspective on black beauty, one face at a time. Best of all, she is showcasing young and upcoming creative makeup artists on her feed without asking for anything in return. I mean please see the image below of the map of Nigeria as makeup, or the zipper as makeup. Is there anything more creative and beautiful than this?!!! #ilovethiswoman.
Keep reading to discover why I think you should follow Buntricia Bastian on instagram.

1. Images of #Gorgeous Black Women like you have never seen before. Post after post is filled with images of beautiful black women, the type mainstream media, never puts on the cover of it’s magazines (well until now). But for over 35 years, Buntricia has been at the forefront of letting these beautiful faces shine…

Buntricia-Bastian-on-Instagram- Buntricia-Bastin-on-Instagram-2 Buntricia-Bastin-on-Instagram-4
2. She hosts International Hands on Makeup Skills Conferences…Makeup Conference in London or Trinidad, how dope is that???

3. She has instacomps or instagram competitions for her followers that are to die for…A journey to Nigeria on her, please count me in…

4. She replies…Leavc her a message or just simply say like her post and you will get a response from this down to earth and humble international makeup artist…See her comments with this image in her feed!!!
5. Can I say it again. Buntricia Bastian is completely the total package, black, brilliant and beautiful, a solid mentor to upcoming makeup artists and I absolutely adore her goal of changing the world one face at a time.

While you are there, please take the time to follow this woman and like all the images you see..

Source:Buntricia Bastin’s Instagram

Top 10 African Queens: This Week on Instagram

Welcome to my top 10 African Queens of the week, a post dedicated to celebrating the true beauty of African women. I love this post because it is truly African luxury at it’s finest. Anyone who has ever attended an African wedding know that our headpieces  or gele and hand-made beaded jewelry are some of the finest and luxurious fashion statement that we possess. This segment is completely about our brides in all her luxurious glory but also about other African women out their who personify what it means to be an African Queen. I love gele, but most of all I love beaded-jewelry and the combination on this weeks post is #absolutelystunning, #worthyofpraises. I also adore traditional weddings and honestly, I don’t think there is anything as #beautiful like a bride in a truly glamorous #coralbeads. So without further ado, here are my top 10 African Queens, in stunning gele, lace, and beaded jewelry combo plus coral beads trending this week on instagram.african-queen-6-2 african-queen-6-2-B african-queen-6-2-C african-queen-6-2-D african-queen-6-2-E african-queen-6-2-F african-queen-6-2-G african-queen-6-2-H african-queen-6-2-I african-queen-6-2-J