The momemt BuzzFeed failed Lagos Street Style

By now, you must all know that I love our sense of fashion and though I have been silent for a long, long time (it’s my other job ooh, the one that pays the bills), I was so happy when the very popular buzzfeed took on streetstyle from Lagos. It came by the way of Bimi Adewummi, a BuzzFeed Staff with the following caption “These gorgeous photos prove that Lagos street style is the best.” The very fact that word “Lagos” was used alongside “street style” were the source of my excitement.

But then it all went downhill when you see the actual pictures she displayed. Take a look for yourself here. All I kept saying to myself I hope there is more, there will be more, there has to be more, wow, this is it. Only one picture stood out in all she featured, and it’s the one she described as the “striking woman in the striking dress.” Even her description was as bland as the writeup itself. I mean if you are going to write about Lagos Street Style, you don’t describe style as “the churchgoer.” Have you ever seen street style  photos from Paris or New York with the crazy descriptors such as this one Bimi used “the starspangled woman turning heads on the street.” Why even bother, if you would not use your BuzzFeed platform well to elevate Lagos style in a critically conscious manner in the first place. I wanted to be remain as happy as I was when I first saw your title, but Bimi, maybe stick to the other things you do well over at Buzzfeed and leave Lagos Street Style to those who truly know what they are doing.

With all my love,


Isioma’s Style List: Chic Pleated Dress by Nigerian designers, Clan

clanIt’s no secret that Teni, Aba, and Tiwa Sagoe of Clan are incredibly savvy pair who know how to make an elegant statement. The sisters who have created a widely successful label to satisfy the fresh and irreverent style needs of the young women they serve, are at it again with their new light and airy dress fanned with simple clean pleats from top to bottom. Perfect for any occasion, this dress is a sophisticated and an effortless solution for the hot humid Nigerian weather. The tailoring is impeccable and the sleek pleats are entirely feminine.  To me, this Clan pleated dress strikes the right balance of confident femininity and easy chic and is worthy of being in your top five style list of must-haves. Now available at their flagship store: 292F Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

clan 3clan 2

Isioma’s Trend Alert: The trends to know from the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week

white and black 1white with element 3white 24black and white The 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week might be over, but they left a whole lot of trends and style behind-and come this holiday season or even until next year, there are plenty of looks that will make any woman look chic. Do you prefer white and black as seen above or multi-colored ankara prints? Will you choose structure and simplicity or dare to go bare in sheer draped fabrics? Before you make any decisions, let Isioma’s Style Report guide you through the new collections from our Nigerian designers with our Trend Alert. Enjoy.

For the power of womanhood: Maki Oh at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week

img_4097Every woman is important and Maki Oh knows that. For the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week, she served a new collection that was elegantly non-conformist and full of her signature prints and superb style. This collection in my opinion is all about the power of womanhood, and why shouldn’t it be, when the likes of Michelle Obama look to Maki Oh for style inspiration. At the heart of her design ethos are nods to her African cultural heritage in vibrant unique hues that are beautiful to look at. The silhouettes were alluring, the tailoring sharp, and the prints original. Fringed knee-length dresses, pencil-skirts in feminine fabrics, and vibrant blue, or red and black mixed silk prints juxtaposed against luxurious textiles alongside perfectly fitting silk trousers tell the story of a designer clearly here to stay.
img_4148img_4132img_4190img_4210img_4227If fashion is all about looking effortlessly chic, then you can’t fail to get noticed in a Maki Oh piece.

For the woman who desires unique and stylish accessories: Anita Quansah + MoSaique 2013 LFDW

img_3814There are few craftsman who create unique and stylish accessories with a look of sophistication. Anita Quansah is one of them and her new collection presented at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week proved that she is as unconventional as ever. Anita Quansah presented incredible looking handmade jewelry for women who do conform to standards; women who choose to standout from the crowd.


img_3886img_3913As always, each piece  was eclectic, expressive, a bold statement neck art, rich in heritage and culture. An array of materials were used to make them, from colorful beads of varying sizes to statement fringing and feathers that enhance the visual representation of African motifs.

img_3930img_3939img_3951img_3963img_3973img_3982img_3990img_4000img_4025In short, the new collection is another hit, jewelry that are works of art to help any woman feel unique and stylish.


For the woman who dares to be confident and feminine: Ejiro Amos Tafiri at LDFW2013

img_9645The Ejiro Amos Tafiri brand is on the verge of being one of Lagos, and dare I say it, Africa’s great female designers, always to be relied upon for pretty, feminine dresses that celebrate the ‘joie de vivre’ culture of Lagos. Her collection for the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week, seems to be influenced by the cultural diversity of Lagos, and Africa,  with bursts of green and blue silk materials fanning from the center of rich multicolored African prints. 

img_9770img_9783img_9798img_9665img_9633img_9602img_9550img_9562Each piece had a smouldering appeal in bold colors, her full length white dress with a sensual cut out at the side and green lace draping at the neckline displayed her talent for tailoring. There were chic draped dresses that were fluid and casual, but had the right balance of confident femininity. 

img_9733img_9759img_9820img_9745Ejiro Amos Tafari knows who she is dressing and I believe it’s for that woman who dares to be confident and feminine.


For the ‘woman who needs no permission to express herself’; Weiz Dhrum Franklyn at #LFDW 2013

GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2013-Wiezdhum-Franklyn-BellaNaija-October2013009Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is a name that may not resonate as as quickly as some of those showcasing their new collections at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week-but it is one that should. The new collection reflects an artisan at work. Sculpted silhouettes adorned with delicate floral appliques, black wreaths embroidered onto textiles that highlight the body’s lines, and let’s not forget his sheer piece oozing with a sexy charm that is crafted for the woman who ‘needs no permission to express herself.”



This is a designer who excels at making a woman feel feminine, sexy, and beautiful. But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at his new collection and decide for yourself.