Why African Fashion Should Adopt The Lean Startup Strategy.

How can we learn more quickly about what works in African Fashion so that we discard what doesn’t? Enter the Lean strategy as gleaned from the book by Eric Reis “The Lean Startup.” If you are ever going to work to disrupt African fashion as we know it, then you better be lean. The truth is that African fashion start-ups will have to be fast, embrace new thinking while being geared for disruption and innovation with periods of uncertainty. I have been there and back since starting this blog. My vision for isiomastylereport.com is to become the voice of African Fashion. There are about I billion people in Africa and I believe that I can reach all of them by disrupting  African fashion in an innovative and creative way. The plan for this blog is to operate in the present with key lessons from the past. Why? Because all that outmoded form of business that may work for traditional brick and mortar store will not work for my vision, especially not with the way mobile phones are spreading like wildfire throughout the continent. Continue reading Why African Fashion Should Adopt The Lean Startup Strategy.